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Thread: Download and Installation v2.0

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    Default Download and Installation v2.0

    Download Links

    Downloading the torrent files

    1. A torrent client like utorrent needs to be installed
    2. Click the torrent link and download the torrent file
    3. Double click\Run the torrent link
    4. Choose your download folder and click 'OK'
    5. When the download is completed proceed to 'Installation' section

    Downloading and extracting Infracta's 7Zip files

    1. Requires 7Zip (Freeware)
    2. Download all 4 files (001 to 004) into one directory
    3. Right click the 001 files, choose 'extract here'
    4. All other files will extract automatically
    5. Proceed to 'Installation' section

    Download Content


    1. Make sure all files listed in the 'Content' picture are in one directory
    2. Run each EXE (Application) in numerical order - the DO files will install automatically

    • Should you get 'MyProduct' in the installation path simply point your browser (button with three dots) to the MAIN Medieval 2 directory - nowhere else!
    • The first part will appear slightly sluggish due to large BIK files being installed, do not cancel the installation!
    • The second part will appear frozen at 25% due to the installation of a large file, do not cancel the installation!
    • If you are having .NET Framework problems when launching the game (because of running Windows XP), please download this launcher version and place it in the data folder of the 1648_2

    Attention Steam Users

    Since the merging of the EXE files by CA the 1648 custom launcher will not work anymore to start the game ('Reichsmutation' still works). Download and install the Universal Batch file to start the game.
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    Default Patches and Quickfixes

    1648 v2.0 - patch 3 (version 2.0.308) 6.77MB (Infracta alternative link)
    1648 v2.0 - patch 4 (version 2.0.407) 1.78MB
    1648 v2.0 - patch 5 (version 2.0.506) 3.66MB

    Quick Fixes

    Version history

    Version 2.0.506 - 1st May 2014

    • A more aggressive AI, especially on very hard difficulty. Campaigns are playable at all levels.
    • Several buildings changed to 'stone' to make use of stone mason guild
    • Several text revisions
    • Increased range of tower canons
    • Corrected missing flags
    • Slowed down religious conversion rates

    Spoiler for previous versions

    Version 2.0.407 - 12th June 2013
    • Disabled all (vanilla) historical ancillaries
    • Battle AI tweaking
    • EDU tweaking
    • Projectile adjustments
    • Increased loyalty of Habsburg heir
    • Corrected scrolling error in round 126
    • Corrected faction relationship at end of event "The Eighty Years' War"

    Version 2.0.308 - 20th May 2013

    • Corrected units for 'Unruhen' spawn
    • Adjusted descr_sm_factions sequence of factions
    • Corrected mounted Arquebusier model
    • Corrected Trigger agents43b in EDCT
    • Disabled 'better water' and 'better lighting'
    • Set bodyguard upkeep to zero
    • Corrected co-ordinates for swedish 'Staedte braucht das Land' spawn
    • Solved 'corrupted character record' save crash
    • Combined all previous patches

    Version 2.0.222 - 30th March 2013

    • - Fixed pistol_bullet projectile
    • - Corrected name issues
    • - Adjusted stats for cavalry
    • - Launcher bug reporting
    • - Added more female names for slave faction (witches)
    • - Corrected wrong unit pic sizes for Spain faction
    • - Fixed 'spawned ports cannot recruit ships'
    • - Added missing spawns for 'New Cities' event
    • - Corrected Habsburg spawn (faction and traits) after independence of Nederlands
    • - Translated some building tree names
    • - Added barracks to all settlements
    • - Corrected taxable_income_bonus issue
    • - Reformatted loading screens
    • - Removed in game moving of Mansfeld, Wallenstein and 'Der Tolle'
    • - Adjusted grape shot stats
    • - Removed grape shot from Leder Kanone
    • - Gave 'diplomatic immunity' to all diplomats in enclosure
    • - Recoded some family trees
    • - Corrected mounted Arquebusier model
    • - Reduce strength an dfrequency of Osman spawns
    • - Set period details in custom battle
    • - Small corrections on map

    Version 2.0.120 - 20th March 2013

    • - Corrected ownership of "kanone r"
    • - New mercenaries made recruitable in campaign, added unit_info pics
    • - Removed cancelled script event 'Eine Stadt fuer Schweden'
    • - Fixed road connections in Tirol
    • - Fixed missing translation 'Jesuit Kollege' and other translations
    • - Added Swedish recruiting to Baltic Regions
    • - Added French recruiting to Eastern Regions
    • - Added Spanish recruiting to Veltin
    • - Trait description changed for 'desperate'
    • - Corrected label issue 'Calmar'
    • - Corrected pic and historic event text for Paulaner brewery
    • - Corrected picture path for garrison units
    • - Increased unit size
    • - Reduced effectiveness of some gun units and archers
    • - Reduced differences between 'regional' units
    • - Increased Range of cannons
    • - Reduced number of regions required to win
    • - Send Spanish king off map
    • - Added mounted Arquebusiers
    • - Revised Launcher

    Optional Installations

    Subtitled Videos by Numring (503MB)
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