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    Using DarthMod 1.4D, M/M, Scotland

    I started this AAR to document my Scotland campaign. I'll try and make it interesting.

    Chapter One: Beginnings

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    They say these islands have not known peace for a thousand years. Many have landed on our shores, greedy and rapacious. Many have claimed dominion. Our people alone remain unbowed, alone unbroken.

    Our ancestors stopped the mighty Romans. Our highlands have never been conquered.

    Our people fought back the raiding Norsemen, giants bent on destruction. Our clans survived.

    Our warriors defeated the Plantagenet, descendants of the one they called Conqueror. Our people prospered.

    We are the Scoti. We are the rightful lords of this land, of these islands.

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    Our people have their origins in Ireland, land of saints and scholars. From the pagan darkness we arose, throwing off the yoke of ignorance. St. Patrick delivered us.

    Our kingdom is ancient, older than those who called themselves Kings in the south. We have seen all such Kingdoms fall.

    Our clans have contested these lands for millennia. But now we are united.

    Now there is only one King Of Scotland. Now there is only one Emperor Of The Britons.

    King Argyle Canmore.

    History Of The Realm

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    In 1080 Malcolm Canmore was crowned King Of Scotland. It was he who united our land with our ancestral home of Ireland and brought our brothers back into the fold. Many welcomed the strong and ordered rule he brought. Those who resisted were defeated and submitted to the Clan of Canmore.

    His son King Edmund The Chivalrous was a good and kindly King, loved by his subjects and known throughout Christendom for his chivalry and honour. When he was struck down by a Plantagenet assassin in 1120 there was only recourse – terrible war.

    His brother King David The Honourable fought the English as far as Warwick, conquering Strathclyde, and Wales. In only nine years he did this, our highland warriors cleaving through the English ranks, our nobles slaughtering the enemy on his own battlements.

    The English fought only as they knew how, with subterfuge and evil acts, dishonesty and dishonour. In 1129 King David The Honourable was poisoned and he joined his brother in majesty above.

    The crown now fell to the grandson of Malcolm, King Duncan Canmore. Filled with rage at his uncles treacherous slaying he rampaged through Northumbria and Mercia, destroying the English foe. Many have claimed he became mad through grief and anger, forever hunted by shadows and devils. It is true that he exacted a terrible vengeance on captured Englishmen, executing any who surrendered.

    He too died tragically, killed in the siege of Nottingham in 1153.

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    Upon the death of King Duncan The Mad a great council was called. Representatives from the provinces of Ireland and Wales, the highland clans and the southern lords, all convened in Warwick to discuss how we should rule these islands. Victory against the English was now inevitable but others would surely come. We needed to be prepared. We needed unity.

    It was decided that our Kings would be chosen from among the great houses of Scotland. The nobles would meet and declare a King. The first of these Kings was Bróccín Buchanan.

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    King Bróccín pushed the English to the coast and expelled them from Briton. The Plantagenets were forced back to their homeland in Normandy and our lands were finally at peace.

    In 1170 King Broccin passed away and the nobles elected King Gordon Hamilton. His reign lasted but two years, he succumbed to illness in 1172, and the nobles then chose King Argyle Canmore who was the brother of King Duncan The Mad. He has consolidated our rule of Briton and made peace with the English across the channel. No one now contests our supremacy and King Argyle is loved and respected by all.

    The Great Houses Of Scotland

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    Origin: The oldest of the Scottish Houses. Descended from King Malcolm Canmore who united Scotland and Ireland.

    Power base: Much diminished by assassination and tragedy, the Canmore clan have no family base. King Argyle holds court at Caernavon.

    Motto: "We Do Not Forgive"


    Origin: Bróccín Buchanan married Marione Canmore, daughter of King Edmund The Chivalrous, and became King himself in 1153, the first to be elected by a council of nobles.

    Powerbase: Scotland, principally Edinburgh.

    Motto: "Without Fear"


    Origin: Descended from Gordon Hamilton who married Jannet Canmore, daughter of King David The Honourable. Gordon Hamilton was King from 1170 - 1172.

    Powerbase: Wales and Mercia, principally Warwick.

    Motto: "Virtue Mine Honour"


    Origin: Descended from Matad Menzies who married Katherine Canmore, granddaughter of Donald Canmore, nephew of King Malcolm Canmore.

    Powerbase: The southern coast, principally London.

    Motto: "Wisdom And Courage"


    Origin: Descended from Dougall Wallace who married Mary Canmore, another granddaughter of Donald Canmore.

    Powerbase: Ireland, principally Armagh.

    Motto: "Victory Or Death"

    Diplomacy, 1183

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    We have friendly relations with all our neighbours. We are allied to Denmark, France and Spain and have trade agreements with England and Portugal.

    To the south, Spain and the Moors have an uneasy alliance, while our agents report that Sicily is expanding north, with a possible conflict looming between them and Denmark. Portugal will soon succumb to Moorish aggression.

    Denmark is currently at war with Egypt but has peaceful relations with its Christian neighbours.

    Russia has conquered the steppes and now pushes south on the last remaining possession of the Turks.

    Milan, ousted from their homeland, have managed to carve a piece of the Holy Land for themselves. How long they can withstand the Jihads of the east remains to be seen.

    Chapter Two: King James Buchanan

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    In 1187 King Argyle succumbed to long illness and James Buchanan was declared King. The great concern of the day was Sicilian aggression. At war with Denmark, Sicily had pushed further north and showed no signs of stopping. In 1189 they were excommunicated which raised fears for the safety of Rome and the true pope. Added to this, King James was married to Princess Angesina of Venice. Sicilian aggression not only threatened the Holy Church and our Danish allies, but also Venice, a key ally in the region. King James summoned the nobles and set sail for the Mediterranean.

    In 1195 he landed on Corsica. He took the rebel settlements of Cagliari and Ajaccio and fortified the islands. After garrisoning the settlements he landed his main force outside Rome to defend the church.

    To help secure a long term defence of the Papacy, in 1205 King James laid siege to Firenze. In 1206 King Sinibaldo Of Sicily attempted to break the siege but was rebuffed. King James took control of the city and awaited reinforcements.

    By this time a promising young strategist, James Wallace, had arrived off the coast with an army of highlanders and Irish mercenaries.

    In 1207 he defeated a Sicilian force under the command of Teofilatto Plone.

    The following year King James died and so James The Ugly occupied Firenze, taking command of the nobles. It was in 1208 also that the first Scottish Pope was elected. Pope Bernardus was young and loyal, and would prove to be a great ally in the years to come.

    Chapter Three: King Ranald Menzies

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    Upon the death of King James, the nobles elected Ranald Menzies as King Of Scotland. King Ranald had spent his youth fighting provincial rebels and was a veteran of many battles. Known for his unpredictable ways and erratic tendencies, few were surprised when King Ranald announced he would lead the finest knights in the land through France to join our forces in Italy.

    Since agreeing peace with England in 1175, the Menzies Clan had become close to our former enemies. This made sense both economically, for the Menzies held court in London, and militarily, for England have the potential to be a powerful enemy. Their relations were so good, in fact, that Ranald Menzies married princess Emiline of England in 1203. In light of this, and to cement our friendship, King Ranald took the city of Rheims in 1211 and gave control of it to the English.

    In 1212, now bolstered by mercenary infantry, King Ranald laid siege to Dijon. A large Sicilian force under the command of Nene Spiteri attempted to break the siege but failed. King Ranald took the city and gave control of it to our allies the French.

    In 1214 King Ranald reached Marseille. He took the city with little resistance, left a garrison, and moved to take Genova in 1216. By 1218 he reached Milano and laid siege. In 1219 King Gelasius of Sicily led a large army against King Ranald.

    King Ranald won a heroic victory that day and Marseille opened her gates to him. Later that year King Ranald defeated the remaining Sicilian forces in the area and so Scoti Italia was secured.

    It must also be noted that James Wallace held Firenze throughout this period, most notably in 1214 when he repelled a Sicilian assault on the city.

    Diplomacy, 1220

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    France have been excommunicated. The English and the Danes will now move to carve up their territories between them. A prudent King would not allow this to happen, for once the French have been destroyed Britain will look like a tempting prospect.

    The Portuguese and the Spanish remain vassals to the Moors, as do Milan. We have taken Bologna and given it to our allies Venice. To secure Scoti Italia we must have strong reliable allies in the region. Venice and Rome will be those allies.

    Denmark is divided into two kingdoms. It looks as if they aim to expand south from Denmark and, in the east, they aid Christendom by keeping Egypt at bay. Egypt itself is under great duress. Militaristic Russia has swept down from the steppes and moves on Asia Minor. It is a time of great uncertainty but Scotland is strong.

    ​Chapter Four: A Tale Of Two Nobles

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    Ceallach, the old tutor, waited in his study at Armagh fortress. He waited for a young noble of the castle, Malcolm Wallace, second son of Micheil and brother of James Wallace, Lord High Constable Of Scotland. The fire burned in the hearth as the wind battered the battlements outside.

    "Ah Malcolm, you arrive. Late. As usual."

    Malcolm, oblivious to his old tutor's soft rebuke, strode through the doorway and sat heavily in his place. He smiled up at his tutor and friend. "I have been hunting Ceallach. And fighting!" He laughed heartily. "Do you not think I have learned enough from you these last ten years?"

    "My boy, what do you know of the world? You have never left Ireland! Fighting bandits and hunting will not prepare you for your future, for your future lies elsewhere."

    Malcolm's face grew suddenly boyish as he asked "Elsewhere? Has my brother sent for me?"

    "What do you know of Scoti Italia?"

    "It is our portion of Italy, one we hold in defense of the Holy Church. We took it from Sicily and fight them still. My brother is there and defends Rome. As does our King, Ranald Menzies, whom they call The Killer. From the island fortress of Ajaccio we control the cities of Marseille, Milano, Genova, Firenze, Cagliari and Palma which lies off the coast of Iberia."

    Malcolm rambled off the facts every young noble learned from tutors in cities and citadels throughout the empire, from the great seats of learning in Inverness, Edinburgh and Aberdeen to the rich southern cities of of London and Southampton, from the provincial backwaters of Galway and Cork to the new courts of commerce and power in Milano and Firenze.

    Ceallach knew Malcolm was well versed in the goings on and politics of the empire. He was a prince of Clan Wallace, one of the great houses of Scotland. He knew how our Kings were elected and how the other great houses, Clan Buchanan, Clan Menzies, and Clan Hamilton were ultimately united in a shared hegemony of power. How much he would have to learn of the hidden struggles for power, court intrigue and corruption, remained to be seen. He was an intelligent boy though.

    "Good, good. Your brother has sent word from Firenze. You are to join him there. You will leave three months hence, when the weather improves, for the fortress of Nottingham where Donald Buchanan and a small force await your command. This is the time to lay aside childish things Malcolm, your brother does not send for you lightly. We are at war and strong leadership will be required. Your brother, and your King, will have need of your martial ability."

    Malcolm tried to suppress his excitement. He mastered the slowly spreading grin taking over his face and attempted a steely look. "I am ready, Ceallach."

    Six months later he stood in Nottingham, the great fortress of Britain. Assembled in the court yard was his command, a highly trained force of Noble Pikemen, Noble Swordsmen and Feudal Knights. Beside him his companion, Donald Buchanan, stood stoically surveying the glittering armour and blue banners of Scotland.

    "They look like an expensive bunch. Why do we need such a bodyguard? We have no enemies between us and Marseille. Does your brother think us children still Malcolm?"

    The two had become close in the last few months. Both from the upper echelons of Scottish society, they knew only too well the pressure on one another and the constant need to keep up appearances.

    "Who knows what The Lord High Constable of Scotland thinks Donald. He is as inscrutable as he is cantankerous... I don't think I've ever seen him smile. Grumpy old bastard!"

    Only the smallest of smiles gave away the humour in his words. The bond the two young men shared was based on this mutual position. Only they among the crowd of nobility in Nottingham could ever say such words aloud, and then only to each other.

    "Lets get to it. The world awaits."

    They mounted their steeds and cantered through the centre of gathered nobility and peasantry, soldiers and knights. It seemed like all of Nottingham had come to see them off. These two princes of Scotland going bravely to war to defend the empire.

    A cheer arose as the trumpets sounded the procession. They led the troops together, through the huge southern gate of Nottingham, and on to London.

    The crossing to France had been calm and pleasant. Messengers had secured safe passage through English controlled lands and on to Marseille. The two friends were welcomed to court at Paris and enjoyed a few months being wooed and flattered by foreign nobility before moving on.

    As they left Paris they reminisced about the ladies they had met and the diplomats who tried to gain influence with them.

    "She was beautiful Donald. She offered me everything..."


    Malcolm smiled "Everything. Riches, power. I told her I had that and more. These Sicilians do not understand loyalty it seems."

    "Nor the power your family yields. Or mine. Our strength is our unity. It makes us rich and more powerful than any of these foreign dukes and princelings. Everyone thinks himself the master of his own little hamlet. We are masters of an empire!"

    "You're still drunk you sot! Well maybe this will sober you up. My maleficent brother sends word. We are to move on the Sicilian mountain fortress of Lucerne."

    "Now that is a sobering thought. I hear it gets cold up there."

    "Colder than Inverness? I'm sure you will manage."

    The winter march had indeed been hard but in 1225 they reached Lucerne and laid siege to the fortress.

    That summer Sicilian reinforcements arrived and attempted to break the siege. The battle was fierce, with many casualties, but a final cavalry charge routed the enemy. As the Sicilians broke, Malcolm gave the order to chase the fleeing enemy down. They executed all prisoners.

    They entered Lucerne, now undefended and seemingly a ghost town.

    "They are afraid" rumbled Donald. "Word has spread of the execution".

    "I had no choice, we are to give the fortress over to Prince Gilbert of France who is three months march from here. We can't have Sicilians keeping us here until next winter."

    "Well, your brother will approve. Clan Wallace is getting a reputation for severity."

    "Victory Or Death" replied Malcolm.

    "And I don't think I could stand another bloody winter here" noted Donald, "My cock nearly froze off the last time."

    Chapter Five: James The Malevolent

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    James Wallace left Roma like a man on a mission, his giant war horse thundering down the dusty road to Firenze. Peasants ran from him, other riders veered off the road as he approached. He rode alone. Ironically, James had completed his mission. The Pope had seen sense in the end, almost immediately in fact. James Wallace was not a man who heard the word no very often. As Lord High Constable Of Scotland he was second only to the King, a title he barely needed as it usually took but a glower from James to send men running to do his bidding. Or, if they were unlucky enough, running for their lives. It was title he enjoyed nonetheless. It was a title he deserved.

    When he was young they had called him ugly for his cruel deformity, a misshapen left leg that would have sent other boys to a life of bookish abstraction or worse, celibate priesthood. Not James. Coming from the strongest and richest family in Ireland has its advantages. He had a saddle adapted and spent his youth riding, hunting and training. Soon no one could best him on a horse, even the older boys. He learned to be quicker of mind than his rivals, to read men and stay one step ahead at all times. He earned the respect of the other young nobles of Ireland. He alone was chosen to join the mission in Italy. He rode now to Firenze, to the home he had made for himself. To the city King James Buchanan conquered in 1206 and James Wallace had defended time after time. He gave up hope long ago of ever seeing Armagh again.

    His mission in Roma had been simple: persuade Pope Bernardus to call a crusade. The right target, King Ranald had decided, was Nurnberg, a city north of the fortress of Innsbruck. Now, Innsbruck was owned by Scotland's allies Venice, and Venice was getting stronger every year. Their attention needed to be gently guided away from Italy. Nurnberg also belonged to Scotland's long term enemies Sicily. It was a win win situation really. James understood his King's reasoning. After all, Ranald Menzies was a man he could respect, a man who had proved his worth time after time. The King who had carved out a piece of Italy for himself and for the empire. Pope Bernardus on the other hand... well James had never much respect for the soft men of Roma.

    His job was not difficult. Bernardus was from Nottingham and owed everything he had to the Scottish nobility. He had been elected Pope the same year as King Ranald was crowned and Scotland had saved Roma from the excommunicated Sicilians. James himself had been honoured by the Vatican for his defence of Firenze in 1214. Their conversation had been short. Bernardus, tall and gaunt as an old heron, reclined on his stately couch.

    "Of course I will call the crusade on Nurnberg, James. King Ranald has my full support in this matter. Though, I would be willing to wager that Venice will come for Scoti Italia eventually. They grow richer by the day."

    "Richer than you, your grace?" smiled James, sardonically.

    "Maybe not, but then Venice desires an empire. Roma does not. In any case, it benefits the Holy Church to have King Ranald's protection. And yours, Lord High Constable."

    "Yes. Well, I serve the empire, your grace. But know that Scotland has the Church's interests at heart."

    Chapter Six: Hammer of Scotland

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    The year is 1235 and Nevin Hamilton is King of Scotland. From his court at Warwick he rules the British Isles and dispenses justice. However, in Scoti Italia the real power lies with James Wallace, Lord High Constable of Scotland. Since the death of King Ranald and Pope Bernardus in the same year, 1232, James The Malevolent has overseen Scottish interests in the Mediterranean. The crusade on Nurnberg went as planned and Venice took the city in 1233. Now he looks to finish once and for all the war with Sicily.

    He has sent word to Hew of Bannockburn, a promising young general stationed in Ajaccio, to assemble a raiding force and strike at the Sicilian cities of Zara and Zagreb. It is a dangerous mission, with the potential for disaster, and he has chosen his commander wisely. Hew, of low birth but great talents, is the perfect man for the job.

    He lands at Zara, on the Adriatic, in 1237 with a highly trained force of Highlanders, Noble Highlanders and Noble Highland Archers as well as a devastating trebuchet. Unexpectedly, the Sicilian King Giovanni The Watcher is caught in the city when Hew and his force arrive.

    Hew orders an immediate attack and the trebuchet destroys the Sicilian defences. The fearsome Highlanders rush through a gap in the wall and overwhelm the enemy. Hew himself leads the charge, routing the defenders who fall back and regroup.

    Hew's force also take time to organise, attentive to their general's words of encouragement. After a rousing speech full of death and vengeance for fallen comrades, the enraged Highlanders charge through Zara's streets killing any who oppose them.

    The battle is won when Hew leads his men to the town square. In the ensuing melee King Giovanni is pulled from his horse and stabbed to the death by Scottish steel.

    Many stories are told in the great hall of Zara that night and Hew picks out the most notable of the days warriors. His men have been tested and have proved worthy. There was Balloch of Loch Lomond, the giant berserker who was at the front of every charge mowing men down with his giant battleaxe. And then there was the dreaded knight Luthias, personally chosen by Hew for his bodyguard. None could stand against him that day as he and Hew hacked through the Sicilian infantry.

    The city of Zagreb is next to fall, in 1238, and Hew and his men complete their mission. James Wallace gifts the cities to Venetian control and the Scottish raiders return to their fleet at Zara. They return to Ajaccio as heroes, men calling them Scotland's Hammer.

    Chapter Seven: An End To The War

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    By 1242 the Sicilians had lost their territories north of Rome, divided up by Venice and Denmark.

    In 1243 they prepared a final surge north, marching with three armies for Bologna. They were intercepted by Donald Buchanan and his militia.

    Malcolm Wallace then led the attack south with the elite Scoti Italia army.

    In 1246 he reached Taranto and attacked, utterly destroying the foe.

    The Sicilian forces had been utterly wiped out and, to press the issue, Malcolm Wallace laid siege to Napoli, taking the city in 1248. At the same time Hew of Bannockburn landed at Palermo and took the fortress before moving quickly to conquer the city of Messina that same year.

    Sicily was beaten. On James Wallace's orders envoys were sent to the Sicilian King at Reggio. Our offer was generous. We returned the conquered cities of Taranto, Napoli and Messina and gave King Rino 25000 florins. In return he became our vassal. Finally, an end to the war.

    Chapter Eight: Cementing An Alliance

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    After the submission of Sicily, Malcolm Wallace sent envoys to our allies Venice. He offered much, including the marriage of the heir apparent Steaphen Wallace, his brother, to a Venetian princess. Seeking to cement the alliance further, he also offered assistance against Egypt who harassed their eastern borders.

    Malcolm, now the authority in Scoti Italia since his brother James passed, began plans for the invasion of Greece. Hew of Bannockburn was to lead the vanguard of the invasion, clearing the way for Malcolm to land with his elite army. In 1256 he took poorly defended Corinth and Athens. Malcolm then took possession of Athens, preparing for the next wave of attack.

    In 1259 Hew took the citadel of Arta while Malcolm marched up the east coast of Greece towards the great city of Thessalonica. His aim was to hold Egyptian reinforcements at the river crossing while The Hammer of Scotland stormed the fortresses on the west coast.

    In 1261 the Egyptians attacked Malcolm Wallace at the crossing to Thessalonica.

    Malcolm arrayed his forces facing the bridge, Noble Pikemen to the front supported by Highland Nobles and Noble Swordsmen. His Noble Highland Archers peppered the first wave of Egyptian infantry while his Feudal Knights waited a good distance back from the main melee.

    After the infantry were routed by a charge from the Highland Nobles, the Egyptian cavalry descended on our lines of Noble Pikemen.

    It was to be their undoing. Perhaps they had not encountered such a fierce line of defence before. Our Pikemen easily withstood the charge and once our Feudal Knights thundered through their ranks the entire Egyptian army turned tail and fled. Malcolm ordered his cavalry to run down those who fled and execute any who surrendered.

    The following year Malcolm took Thessalonica and Hew took Ochrid. Thus Scoti Graecia was secured.

    ​Chapter Nine: Europe At War

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    In 1263 there were four great empires in the known world: Scotland, who controlled The British Isles, Scoti Italia, Scoti Graecia and the island fortress of Palma; England, whose territory extended from southern France to Germany and Denmark; Russia, that vast and bloated empire who controlled Eurasia and much of Asia Minor; and the Moors who held north Africa and southern Iberia.

    In 1264 three of those empires went to war. A Moorish fleet blockaded our port at Palma while the English sent their ships to blockade London. Simultaneously, England joined the crusade on Fez, thereby declaring war on the Moors.

    When we went to war with the Moors both Portugal and Spain remained true to our friendship and broke allegiance to the enemy, declaring themselves free from the Moorish yoke. This was a courageous act and honourable choice and so Donald Buchanan, lord of Scoti Italia, sent a large force under Duncan of Clan MacGregor to help them in their fight. He landed at Granada in 1266 and took the citadel the following year. An English crusading army took Fez the same year.

    Milan, too, took our side against the Moors, though they were surrounded by enemies. Malcolm Wallace sent Hew of Bannockburn to take Tripoli to disrupt the Moorish supply lines. He took the fortress in 1268.

    During the early years of the war in Europe, England resorted to their ancient deplorable tactics of assassination and sabotage. In 1266 both Cormac Hamilton and Donald Buchanan were assassinated by English agents. An experienced general, Matad, landed at Caen to exact revenge.

    The following year King Steaphan Wallace landed in Brittany and tore through the English settlements of Rennes, Poitiers and Angers. Despite our victories in the field, English assassins took many of our nobles and officials, including Bróccin Hamilton in 1269. They were subsequently excommunicated and a crusade was called on Frieburg.

    Now all of Christendom was at war. Spain, Portugal and Milan fought the Moors while Denmark, France and Venice attacked the English.

    In 1269 Duncan MacGregor helped our allies in Iberia by defending Granada against a large Moorish assault.

    The following decade saw Europe aflame with terrible battles, atrocities and massacres as Christians slaughtered Christians in the north and wave after wave of Moorish hordes invaded Iberia in the south. Throughout this time King Steaphan held the fortress of Angers while his most trusted general, Craig Stewart, defended our new borders in France. Clan Stewart had long been tied to Clan Wallace and now they were rewarded for their loyalty and service. Steaphan's brother, Comgell, officially adopted Craig Stewart after a great victory against the English in 1270. Two years later King Steaphan honoured him further by arranging a marriage between Craig and his daughter Elspeth. The Stewarts were now considered one of the great houses of Scotland, along with Clan Wallace, Hamilton and Buchanan.

    In 1275 King Steaphan passed away and the Nobles elected Craig Stewart to lead the fight against the English.

    The same year another crusade was called against the English, this time on the city of Bruges.

    The Spanish took the city in 1276.

    During this time Hew of Bannockburn successfully defended Tripoli against successive attacks from the Moors. In 1276 his battle hardened warriors defended yet another attack.

    By 1277 King Craig had conquered the settlements of Rheims and Metz, giving control of them to France. The English empire was no more, their possessions divided between southern France and Denmark. However, the war was far from over.

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    Good start, set your scene well and interested to see where you'll go from having secured the natural powerbase of Britain & Ireland. Also good to see potential intrigue with the various houses

    However, you don't have to put everything in a spoiler, sometimes feels like too many clicks

    I'll be supporting the Hamiltons!

    bitte sehr

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    It looks good keep on continuing

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    Update included in the top post! Not sure where I'm going with this but I hope its an enjoyable read. Like AAR popcorn.

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    Chapter 4 is done! Included in first post.

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    Chapter 5 up!

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    One thing: great AAR, but Canmore was just Malcolm's nickname. The actual family name is Dunkeld.

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    Thanks Gandalf, didn't know that. I was just going on the names given in the game... tbh I don't know much about actual Scottish history, though I have found the little bits I've found out through doing this AAR fascinating. I'm glad you like it!

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    Chapter Eight now up...

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    And chapter Nine!

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    Please keep this up.
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