its been a long time since i played etw and i dont remember experiencing this problem before...

i've installed darthmod and i thought everything is working fine, until i had a revolution. i noticed then that different government type in diplomacy is not giving me darthmod values but instead vanilla values. i thought there must have been a problem during darthmod installation, but everything looked fined. i uninstalled DME then and tried making my own mod then that changes only db diplomatic relations government values, it didnt work either (it was the only mod i was using at the time)
then i uninstalled my mod and backed up my main.pack and patches packs and edited db values in them directly... and there was still no change in diplomacy! (i've tried reloading the game and starting a new campaign, no change)

this isnt the only thing thats missing, a lot of db values are nor recognized and i have no clue why. a lot of db stuff that darthmod changes isnt working, but 'cosmetic changes' are.
has anyone experienced such a problem? i'm pretty much clueless about modding but i know how to change basic stuff using db editor or pack file manager

i searched the forum and i was unable to find someone having similar problem...
the game is updated to latest version (1.5 1333 something build which is supposed to be 1.6 patch if i'm not mistaken)