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    i recently installed a mod for rome total war 1. and it needs a little work with more realistic battles, my question is how challenge would it be to simply raise the morale of the units? their attack and defense is pretty high, but they rout on a single charge. thanks. does anyone know the morale for roma secturm 2 ? thanks

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    Well you'd have to mod it from the export descr units txt file in the data folder, here's a link to a website that show's you on how to mod it, by the way the morale is in the Stat_Mental:
    "Stat_mental - From left to right:
    • Morale
    • Discipline, this determines how quickly a unit loses and regains morale, it can be low, normal, disciplined, impetuous, or berserker. Impetuous units may charge without orders. Berserker units can go berserk.
    • Training, this is how orderly the unit's formation is."

    AND, by the way make a backup of the file cause if you install RS into your RTW folder it won't work if it has been modded
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    the name of the mod is

    have you ever heard or played it?

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    ok i saw the website, and it was very helpful. so technically if i wanted to change the moral for all the units i would literally have to go and change the values for each unit in that file. which would take hours. how do people do it? lol the average moral in my mod is 9.. where as the average moral in roma surrectum is 18-20. over double. so u can see the difference between the two mods.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LestaT View Post
    I think the download link is broken.

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