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    i recently installed a mod for rome total war 1. and it needs a little work with more realistic battles, my question is how challenge would it be to simply raise the moral of the units? their attack and defense is pretty high, but they rout on a single charge. thanks. does anyone know the morale for roma secturm 2 ? thanks

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    Basically like this.

    160 units.

    Low moral - route when 25 out of 160 units are dead.
    Mid moral - route when 60 out 160 units are dead.
    High moral - route when 120 out of 160 units are dead.

    Technically giving higher moral will make the units fights longer.

    There's also variable factors like if the units are attack head to head, flank or rear and the opposing units have fear factor which will cause variables to change.

    Depends on how do you think it's realistic but if you want longer battles then increasing moral will help.

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    To edit units' morale, open data/export_descr_unit.txt. Find your desired unit, the higher the number in stat_metal line, the higher the unit's morale.
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