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Thread: RS II Other Parameters (preferences)

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    Default RS II Other Parameters (preferences)

    Couldn't find any explanation on what these are so I'm hoping you guys could help me.

    What's the difference between these formations? What does choosing another player formations offer? What does Modesty do?

    In Ai formations i can choose from Alex only, Athenogoras, Default or Sinuhet
    Player formation only gives me the option of Athenogoras, Default and RTR

    Does these have any impact on battle difficulty?

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    Default Re: RS II Other Parameters (preferences)

    Formations are battle formations for the AI, and the player.
    Basically, that's how they are organised at the start of the battle, and for the AI, how they are acting during the battle.
    You can try them to see which one you prefer. "Alex only" only works with the Alex exe.

    Modesty is for the Naked Barbarian. It add a loincloth if you select yes.
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