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Thread: I need and opinion with Portuguese campaing.

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    Default I need and opinion with Portuguese campaing.

    Hi, I´m doing a campaing with portugal. I have goa, and in 1st turn the marathas and myosore will declare war to me to take goa for them.
    So it´s very difficult to defend goa from large indian armies. normally i give up goa, and spend resources to conquer spain. What you suggest?
    I already do this: I give goa to GB and GB give me Jamaica. what you think?

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    Default Re: I need and opinion with Portuguese campaing.

    Build a ship, load any units in Goa onto the ship and transport them to Europe. Destroy any buildings in the Goa region so the Indians cannot use them!
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    Default Re: I need and opinion with Portuguese campaing.

    Goa can be held. In turn 1 try to secure trade agreements and alliances with the Maratha Confederacy and Mysore. Embark your European troops and ship them to Goa with all despatch. Train troops in Goa.
    Your reinforcements should reach Goa by turn 6.


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    Default Re: I need and opinion with Portuguese campaing.

    In a campaign I did with Portugal, I invested a lot in India;be worth.Finish Mysore as soon as possible,before they do alliance with Maratha,or Maratha destroy they.
    After conquer Mysore,Maratha will declare war,and will take Goa;Give Goa to GB or UP(Maratha is agressive,will declares war on every nation in your way),and focuses in Mysore,a 4 slot city,where you can build a great army.
    Focuses in protect your trade rotes,principally in Ivory Coast and Brazil,and try open trade routes in East Indies.

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    Default Re: I need and opinion with Portuguese campaing.

    I know the conventional wisdom is to give up on Goa, but I didn't in my campaign.
    I did as others suggested; I made alliances and trade agreements with the local factions.
    The key was building up trade ships and a navy. The key was defeating the Spaniards on land. On the Sea I didn't experience any problems.
    Personally, India is a key- potential great wealth and a potential threat in Maratha. Giving up Goa seems like a backwards step I will have to make to have a future in India. So why go backwards if you can hold onto it.
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    Default Re: I need and opinion with Portuguese campaing.

    Ive tried 2 campaigns as Portugal, in the first one I tried to get friendly relations with the Marathas and Mysore, but they declared war on me anyway and I lost Goa. In the second one I shipped my units from Goa to Orissa&Circars and took it from the Mughals. I still haven't continued that campaign to see if it was wise in the long run.

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    Default Re: I need and opinion with Portuguese campaing.

    I traded Goa for Lombardy in my campaign...

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