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    Error1/3=You don't have Roma Surrectum II installed in the correct folder. (C:\New folder (2)\Rome Total war)
    Error2/3=Engine: RomeTW-ALX.exe, Faction campaign: -mod:play_cimbri
    Error3/3=In total: 'RomeTW-ALX.exe -mod:play_cimbri -show_err -nm -movie_cam'

    This is the report I'm getting when I try to play a faction. I've installed it in my new folder file using 2. I can't seem to play it.

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    Do you have it installed in the correct place? it should be in your main directory of your total war folder.
    Do you have Rome total war Alexander?
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    Moved to the correct sub-forum.

    Please read the pinned/stuck threads first.

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