My apologize for my poor English, but is not my native language.

First good job for this mod.

Second, i have some question with the roman faction play by the computer. I play with Pergamon in H/H (0turn) and i can done what i want, for exemple rush to MAcedonian, when i meet Roman there are always their Marius reform done and i must fought nammed legionnaries with, in the best, one/two silver chevron. And its only after 100turn. Finaly i'm winning this war, i attacked italy by the sea (Roma and the town in the south of Italy was no defend, full spy, three good army and the south of italy and rome is mine, but is just boring to must play like this... but the nammed legionnaries are too strong for me, an army with gold chevron lost many men against one full stack of legionnaries well trained. If the army is isolate and fight againt two full stack it's always the loose...
Worse, with the auto resolve i lost against three unit of nammed legionnaries with gold chevron and not general character and i had three army of (4 x archers, 5x Pergamon epilektoi hoplite, 2x heavy peltast and 2 x greek slinger). I believe it was a joke, but i reload four times and always the same result. Finaly i play on battlefield and win this battle.
My question it's when the Marius reform arrive when the Roma faction it's play by computer. The same for the player? (imperial palace to Akrangas (sicily)) or something else? and why i have impression that arrive so fast?

Third, I remarqued that city grow too fast for me, i don't have the time to develloping the economy that the town grow again. I try to reduce the growth population with village but the population continue to grow fast... and this slow my economic ... or worse, negative income. I miss something or it's normal? Actually i'm reduce my own population with the code but i don'k like done this.