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Thread: How do I enable shield wall formation?

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    Default How do I enable shield wall formation?

    Hi all I'm new to this mod, started playing today but I run my Roma on the RTW engine, and in some vids on this mod I saw a guy use the shield wall formation, so do I need to run RTW-BI for it too work cause I already started a campaign, so will it work if I switch too BI??? Anyways I saw a mod earlier enabling 2 special things that your unit to do, turns out it is already in RS 2.5, so I use the obvious polybian army, in the fight against Hannibal, and I want to set up a defensive position and put my units on guard and tire out the carthaginians then run'em down with my cav. so yep that's my plan, by the way do my hastatii type units need to be on guard or not if I enable fire at will mod??? Cause I notice the whole unit fires at will unlike in the vanilla game, so yea please help me out. Also after my previous thread I've noticed that I can't log on to or visit this website? After a day it's fine but why is that? It's like my IP is blocked, and err how do I change the look of these forums??? Cause in like the lower left hand corner there is an option to change it and yesterday is was like TWcenter style now it's very different and I can't get it back, strength and honor!

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    Default Re: How do I enable shield wall formation?

    The Shield wall is only for BI. The Roman unites dont have shield wall for Normal RS 2 2.5, but there is a mod that adds this . The guard option is more for your units to "Hold the Line" instead of actually guarding something The begging battle with Hannibal is very difficult. You have to usually gather all units it Rome, Arretium and the other city. The battle is very hard and most don't win. I usually let him take one of my Northern settlements and focus on the Rebellion. You do need to enable Fire At Will to have units throw the Pilums.

    To answer the other questions i am as confused as you are. I used to use the "Empire" mod but that seems to no longer exist.
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    Default Re: How do I enable shield wall formation?

    Im pretty sure it will work if you switch to BI. The forums seem to have gone to a new layout and look, and for now there isnt any other layout except for this (actually i now see "Test" format). Im sure in the future there will be more layouts to choose from. To answer your question of why you couldnt visit the website is because it went down for a little while.
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    Default Re: How do I enable shield wall formation?

    It will work but will need editing on the EDU. As already posted there is at least one submod that ads shieldwall. And i believe it will work on BI only. However you can usually load save games from RTW to BI but not the other way around.
    To edit without the submod you need to do the following:
    Depending from the campaign you are playing you need to open the EDU with notepad or notepadd++ and look for the units you want to edit.
    For example for the polybian republic legion change:

    formation 1, 1.66, 2, 3.33, 5, square, testudo


    formation 1, 1.66, 2, 3.33, 5, square, shieldwall ( of course, this way they will loose the testudo.)

    You need to do this to every unit you want to ad shieldwall.

    Backup up the EDU (export_descr_unit) before doing this.
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