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Thread: Boromir or Faramir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallus View Post
    Well considering that Sean Bean dies in everything I'd say Faramir.
    Yeah but he dies protecting you so you can escape out the back door !

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    Faramir but I think Boromir is more misunderstood. He didn't resist the ring but he was close to it a lot longer than Faramir was. If Faramir had taken too long to make his decision, I think he would have have also kept the ring.
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    I prefer Boromir, because he seemed to be a better warrior, and his death was awesome and in my opinion completely made up for him trying to steal the ring. Faramir is still fine but not as cool.

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    Faramir all the way. Boromir was a great commander and leader of soldiers, but Faramir was likely a better ruler, and also a good commander (altough maybe not as inspiring as Boromir). Definitely wiser than the brother.
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    In my latest campaign as Gondor, Boromir was the first and best defense of eastern Osgiliath, holding those bridges like a boss for half a campaign and then spearheading the push into Mordor, while Faramir was viciously cut down by a Nazgul in one of the earlier battles in that pivotal city.

    So Bromir for me.

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    Default Re: Boromir or Faramir

    Boromir all the way long

    A "prince" has to be proud, bold and looks at the interests of his people before af anything, and he was not lost, but he regretted very quickly after Frodo fled and gave his life to save two who would have had great importance for the salvation of ME.

    the same for ingame, I prefer him as a general and I found him more worth of leading a full stack of high tier Gondorians


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    Default Re: Boromir or Faramir

    In a sword fight Boromir would beat his brother every time.
    But Boromir seemed to be have less will power to the pull of the ring.He wanted to take it at one time yet his brother seemed more willing to let Frodo have it.

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    I'd have to go with Boromir. And honestly, if you go back and read through the books, Boromir's weakness to the call of the Ring is a lot more understandable. He didn't want it for himself, but he wanted to save Gondor. He loved his country and his people dearly, and the Ring exploited that chink in his figurative armor insidiously. In fact, given enough time, the Ring would take hold over anyone, no matter how strong or noble of character. In terms of how Numenorean the two are... I'd have to, again, go with Boromir. Numenoreans were NOT incorruptible by any means, and the book says quite clearly that the blood of Numenor ran fairly strongly in Boromir (and I think Faramir, but I don't have time to read every part of of the books where either are mentioned).

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    People say "Boromir was corrupted by the ring, but then made things right by giving his life while saving Merry and Pippin" which is wrong! He didn't save anyone. Merry and Pippin would have been taken whether Boromir was there or not, so he really died for nothing. Sure, he stalled them some time so Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli wouldn't have so much ground to cover, but they still took their time putting Boromir on a boat. He died for nothing

    Gotta prefer Boromir though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallus View Post
    Well considering that Sean Bean dies in everything I'd say Faramir.
    Indeed I'm with You on that one .

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