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Thread: Remove normal siege battles ?

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    Default Remove normal siege battles ?

    HI , im new to the game and started a campaign as high elf . But unfortunately nearly 99% of my battles are sieges . and siege battles are way to easy when u have archers . I won battles bcs they were sieges . If i would have fight same army but in open , i had less chance to beat them , but in a siege i can beat enemy without taking many casualties . Ai just sit inside and get hit by arrow rain . So my question is it possibel to remove siege battles except for custom ones like Rivendel , Helms deep and many more .
    I hope u guys understand me .



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    Default Re: Remove normal siege battles ?

    first of welcome to TWC!

    is it possible probably not because you need settlements.

    it is however a possibility to remove the ability to construct walls and edit settlements so they have no walls... never thought about that before so no idea were the entries are sorry maybe someone else does

    nice though to start a new thread when the forum is going down in like 20 mins for updating

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    thx for ur answer Mr knight of meh .

    I can only compare stuff . idk if its possibel in mtw 2 . But in etw a submod for darthmod changed this stuff . Im looking something like this

    The mod changed every siege/settlement battle except for custom one to field battles .
    I think it would improve a lot the broken Siege AI .

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