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Thread: New Campaign - Vanilla or Modded?

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    So if someone would have ask you what is more difficult between dm or vanilla what do you say?
    it's all about preferences. i would only love to use more cavalry. i think that the only think that not work so much is that. today i charged a Takeda cavalry elite (don't know the english name maybe takeda fired cavaly??) vs a ashigaru yari unit with no upgrade and no exp and they just got melted by the yari. i mean even in rome if you would have charged a basic unit with heavy cavalry like kataphraktoi you would have destroyed that with no story. Anyway i only archieved 6 legendary campaign and i don't really know if it is worth to play a campaign with dm. (btw still trying to achieve the Ikko-ikki legendary campaign! Dude it's kinda impossible)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeraphinos View Post
    Yes i find Darthmod improves alot shogun2 gameplay in a realistic way than vanilla does . [...unrelated fixed bugs that also appear in your beloved DM too...]
    @ Cruzz

    Why u think Darthmod changed this stuff ? Why he changed archer , garrison , battle ai and so on . For realism sake .
    It's the mutilation of the game. It is a game and there is no realism in it, just like there is none in Chess. It creates its own reality.
    For ppl like us who care for realistic gameplay . Ofc darthmod can be improved and im sure it will be but for me those 3 major changes are enough for me to stop play vanilla and continue with darthmod , like i did also with etw and ntw . Daarthmod is just best mod if u go for realistic challenge after my opinion .
    Realistic bla babedi bub. There is no "realistic" anywhere in DM. If you count "making battles slower and nerfing the archers while making cavalry OP" as realism then we must tell you as numerous people here did numerous times before, it is just unbalancing rock paper scissors by taking scissors out and overpowering rock.

    What I cannot stand about this is the obvious lie of Darth that you buy and spread throughout the forums. That he had changed the Battle AI for the better. That is pure shenanigans. He did some alterations to formations so they would work with the way too big unit sizes that the game does not natively support. He broke the Battle AI. It stops during battle and stands without moving. It does not sally forth from Castles. It charges frontally into gunpowder units. For gameplay, even worse, it feels as if morale is entirely removed from the game, welcome to C&C. He took away the ability to take castles of the Campaign AI by introducing super-garrisons.

    Now i ask u Cruzz . U see in this 3 points a problem and if yes ( i hope u do ) how would you improve it with limit modding tools , basicly changing values . Darthmod did the best based on limit modding ability to improve the gameplay . U cant force the AI to recruit garrison units like human player can do , so he increased basic garrison and unfortunately the human player benefits also from this changes , But what could he have done else ?
    Morale system , in vanilla by using like Ritterlich said "Hammer and anvil strikes" u could make route enemy army in less than 3 min doesnt matter if he enemy had still over 60 % of his troops . So darthmod lowered moral drop for every unit so battles last longer .
    That does not work within 3 minutes in Vanilla. Even the average early battle in vanilla takes at least 20 minutes. Once you go past the early game, meta changes considerably and battles will last longer, tactical stunts do not give as much of an advantage. It becomes very hard to chainrout like you can do against the early peasant armies. Have you played vanilla for more than 20 turns at all? I seriously doubt it.

    As previously portrayed; while DM fixed the early ETW, it destroys S2TW. That would not be as bad if the Mod did not claim to "fix this, fix that, fix CAI, give 200% improved gameplay, 300% harder BAI and 400% improved realism". Clicking into those forums feels like watching a McDonalds marketing add. They praise the beef as 200% softer and the burger as 300% tastier, but all you get is a shrunk ugly as hell potatoe with some old bacon inside.

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    Yeah, I agreed with you Ritter, Game is Game, nothing more, not simulation of course.

    Just because some ppls feels the battle is too fast, arrows is homing missile and cavalry move so damn fast, they seems too arcade and not so real. While some ppls complains DM make things too annoying and messy, the vanilla is already perfectly and challenge why the hell change things not broken but the fact is brainless legend AIs try to steamrolling you as first turn as possible with ridiculously 3 times recruiting slots more than player and they can build full stack of army in just next turn. That a fair play? of course not.

    There no way all 100% agreement. Game is a Game, if its make you like it, play it. If not, just trash it. No need to ask opinion hey how this good, how this fun.

    Still, I stand my answer in this thread "if you like it, play DM, if you not, just roll back to vanilla" its about fun and enjoy.
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    Default Re: New Campaign - Vanilla or Modded?

    Anyone agruing about 'fair play' with AI then I guess... Computers do not yet reach self awareness level and they can't think of themselves. They can only act base on what they are program to be with bonuses depending on difficulty.

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