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Thread: [Citizen] Confederate Jeb (Patron: Daily)

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    Default Re: [Citizen] Confederate Jeb (Patron: Daily)

    This of course is another no brainer, content work seems great and I enjoy his tales of the week. He gets a yes from me
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    Default Re: [Citizen] Confederate Jeb (Patron: Daily)

    Voted yes.
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    Default Re: [Citizen] Confederate Jeb (Patron: Daily)

    Voted yes.

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    Default Re: [Citizen] Confederate Jeb (Patron: Daily)

    Yeah, his posts are fine and I know he is a great guy anyway.

    Voted yes.

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    Default Re: [Citizen] Confederate Jeb (Patron: Daily)

    I'm glad the time is finally right for CJ. He's wanted this for a long time but for whatever reason it just didn't work out. I'm familiar with his contributions since they fall within the realm of TWC non-TW gaming. Since I'm coming to the discussion a bit late and most of what I would have said has been said and probably better than I could have expressed it, I will just vote yes.
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    Default Re: [Citizen] Confederate Jeb (Patron: Daily)

    PM sent.
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