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Thread: [Round 2] Custom Battle Demo Unit Balance

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    Default [Round 2] Custom Battle Demo Unit Balance

    Good day ladies and gentlemen,

    I'm here today to summon you and to ask you a noble task! I've released today a new patch for Custom Battle Demo about my latest new unit balance! Again, I want to hear your feedback about it and I hope in this patch, certain flaws that was present in the first release have been fixed. I will listen to your critics, your suggestions however I will not adjust the system until at least the first campaign is released. Share your thoughts and please simply vote into the poll, will really appreciate it!

    Best regards.

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    Default Re: [Round 2] Custom Battle Demo Unit Balance

    Did a quick run through of a battle. I played Lordship of the Isles (me) v. the Kingdom of Scotland.

    My initial thoughts were that cavalry are WAY too strong. Their light cavalry annihilated my archers (to be expected), and then a single unit of their knights destroyed half of my general's bodyguard in one charge and killed my general. After that, there was no way I could win the battle. The javelinmen were rather useless, as I only got one volley off from them before they turned and ran behind my lines. Also, adding spear wall to the spearmen may be a good idea as it was a good defensive formation.

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    Default Re: [Round 2] Custom Battle Demo Unit Balance

    Well done guys!

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    Default Re: [Round 2] Custom Battle Demo Unit Balance

    Cavalry still needs some tweaking

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