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Thread: Musashi Miyamoto and other Heroes

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    Icon3 Musashi Miyamoto and other Heroes

    Alright for all you awesome unit modders out there I hereby challenge you. Challenge you to make a Musashi Miyamoto Unit for Shogun 2, another unit that I would to be made would be Sasaki Kojiro Unit, These units dont have to be SUPER HISTORICALLY Accurate, but close enough and realistic of course. I would (and probably many others) really appreciate it Thank You.

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    kungfuserge had both of them in his mod, but he stopped the mod. Sekigahara campaign has Musashi Miyamoto though.

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    Sasaki Kojiro should be easy, since the no-dachi animation is a good enough fit for them. There's nothing in the game that would pass for Niten Ichi-Ryu, though.

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