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Thread: Units with secondary weapons.

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    Default Units with secondary weapons.

    So, after using these type of units (Mutatawi'a, Varangians, Dismounted Templars etc.) I came to the conclusion that I don't like the fact that the AI can't use them properly, and that they switch their weapons right before their charge. Therefore, I want to remove the secondary weapons completely.

    But, where to start? If I wanted to for example make Varangians use their axes twohanded, would it be as easy as editing the export_descr_unit.txt file? Or would it require some dirty work in models.ddb? Both? Thanks in advance.

    On a sidenote, I'm wondering if the BC team is planning to do something about it for their next version. I think I read somewhere that they were able to make the AI use these units in the correct way?

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    Default Re: Units with secondary weapons.

    Well, that's a problem for me since I'm not very familiar with the battle_models.modeldb file. I'm absolutely clueless.

    Thanks for directing me, I'll look into some modding articles.

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    Default Re: Units with secondary weapons.

    Find a unit that has only a two-handed axe animation and paste that over whatever the units you don't like have currently.

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