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Thread: MAARC XLIV - Submission thread [extended to MARCH]

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    Default MAARC XLIV - Submission thread [extended to MARCH]

    This is the submission/nomination thread for MAARC XLIV.

    - The nominated AAR must have been updated at least twice between February and March.
    - The winner of the previous competition cannot compete in this current MAARC
    - Only one AAR per person
    - Nomination deadline: the last day of the month
    - The competition is open for a month, followed by a one week, multi-poll vote.
    - If there are less than 5 nominations, the competition is extended for another month.
    - Usually authors nominate their own work. If you would like to nominate somebody else's work, please ask for the author's approval first (or encourage the author to nominate the AAR)!]

    Information to provide
    - Title and link to the original AAR thread
    - Author
    - Game and (if applicable) mod
    - Faction
    - Short description/teaser

    Advertisement Rules
    Advertising is allowed in the official advertising board and in AAR threads. Any other kind of direct advertising to advocate nominees is prohibited. Those who breach this rule shall be disqualified for 3 months.

    Asking for votes is not allowed and will result in an immediate disqualification and ban of 3 months from the Competition forums.

    The competition manager will take whatever steps necessary to insure the integrity of the competition.

    4 points for the Winner
    3 points for Second Place
    2 points for Third Place

    Points are accumulated towards the awarding of the Writers' Study Competition Medals.

    Please see the Writer's Study Information and FAQ Thread for more details.
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    Default Re: MAARC XLIV - Submission thread

    AAR information Takeda - a Shogun 2 AAR

    Author: Robin de Bodemloze
    Game: S2TW
    Faction: Takeda

    Teaser “Men of the Takeda, you stand here today because you are the best among our clan. Your glory stretches from the hills of Shinano to the foothills of Osaka castle, and your names are celebrated throughout our domains. We Takeda were weak once, confined to our ancestral home of Kai, but those days are past now. Thanks to you our lands extend far and wide, and our hegemony even further. The Hojo betrayed us as allies. The Imagawa were foolish enough to bring war to our lands. The unholy monks of the Ikko-Ikki, the Hatano, the Takaoka, the Shogun himself – each of these chose to raise their banners against us, but we could not be bested, and now their bones lie cold and forgotten. For that I salute you. I salute each of you for the sacrifices you have made, the bravery you have shown for us to be victorious.”


    “I have fought all my life, as has my father before me, and his father before him, but now we have an opportunity to end this curse that ravages our land. Only one last clan stands between us and everlasting peace, my brothers. Many of us will not live to see this peace, but the legacy of a victory today will live on in our families, our sons and our women. Songs will be made of your bravery today, and your names will be celebrated as heroes!”


    “The Uesugi are mighty, and in Kenshin they have a talented leader who calls himself the incarnation of Bishamonten. Respect them for their strength, men, for they have conquered many just like you. Respect them so that you may focus your strength and fight to the best of your ability. Respect them so that you may be the ones laying their souls to rest at the end of the day, and not vice versa. We have suffered many great sacrifices in the name of our clan. Many of our brothers have fallen so that we may stand here on this day to fulfil our purpose, so remember them as you march forth in the name of our clan. To be Takeda is to be brave, to be fearless, and it is time for you to grasp your destiny not as men but as gods of war. Fight hard, sons of the Takeda – my brothers. Fight for all that you hold dear. Fight like the tigers and lions you are and the fortunes shall be with us. The gods themselves will tremble at your might, and the Uesugi will fall!”


    The Wings of Destiny - A FotS AAR (Chapter 12 - Updated Apr 24)
    Takeda - a Shogun 2 AAR (Completed) Reviewed by Radzeer

    My writing | My art | About me | Sekigahara Campaign - Developer

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    Default Re: MAARC XLIV - Submission thread



    It's back, baby...

    Chapter II
    Tragedy of the Komnenoi

    Emperor, Pretender, Usurper, Spy...



    bitte sehr

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    Default Re: MAARC XLIV - Submission thread

    The Spanish Empire - Historical Fiction AAR
    - Vampiresbane
    - M2tW - Retrofit Mod
    - Spain

    It is the year 1542 in His name and I am Bartolomé de las Casas. His majesty, ruler of Iberian penisula, Netherlands, Americas, and heir to the Holy Roman throne has requested I collect and catalog the past 500 years, detailing the birth of our great Nation to our current great standing.

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    Default Re: MAARC XLIV - Submission thread

    Reserved: Hoping to have an update out soon

    Proudly under the patronage of McScottish

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    Default Re: MAARC XLIV - Submission thread

    The Nascent Ranger

    A Skyrim AAR(Heavily Modded)

    By Chirurgeon

    The horror that awaited the pair when they reached the bottom of the path made Halas cringe and he felt his heart beat faster. He was on alert now and they both realized that whoever was using this cave was purely evil and most likely not to be tampered with.
    There were two bodies impaled and rotted on stakes near the entrance to a cave. “What is this place?” Halas said fearfully. Faendal put a hand on Halas’s shoulder, “Its called Orotheim but its been abandoned for years.”

    Faendal backed up to some rocks to survey the area and he felt his heart skip a beat when he saw three bandits, orc, nonetheless coming down the path. There was no place to sneak off to. They were not walking but rather jogging down the path at a steady pace.

    They looked merciless and powerful and Faendal had to get the situation completely assessed. “Steel yourself Halas we are about to have a fight, “ he quietly whispered to his apprentice. Halas looked at the three imposing bandits coming quickly down the path and felt his legs go weak along with his bowels but he managed to keep calm…barely.

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    Default Re: MAARC XLIV - Submission thread

    As there are only 4 submissions this will be extending until the end of March.

    Get everyone you know entering!

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    Default Re: MAARC XLIV - Submission thread [extended to MARCH]

    The Astray Apprentice
    By Swaeft

    Game: Skyrim

    Skyrim is at war. The Imperials face off against the Stormcloaks in a brutal fight for survival. The winds howl their fate, and the hills cry for their doom. And yet all is not what it seems. Working behind the scenes, like puppetmasters pulling the strings, are the lurking Thalmor. They are the true enemies of Skyrim and the Imperial Legion, and seek to bring both under their control. Chaos reigns, and order falls.

    Amid all this tumult and pandemonium, there is a young woman who is magically inclined. Now an Apprentice training under a sorceress from the Mage's Hall, she seeks to grow powerful enough to overthrow the Thalmor who have captured her Master. Such a simple, yet noble aim. However, her fate is not, and will never rest in her hands alone. The chains of power tug at her relentlessly behind the scenes, without her even knowing it. Things seem to fall into place, yet they only serve to deepen the mystery of this innocent young Apprentice. Too many people of prominence control the reins of power, and too many guilds vie for influence and authority. The Mage's Hall is one such guild with a long lasting history even longer than the College of Winterhold, but can that protect her? And when the time comes for her to face the Thalmor, when the time comes for her to unleash her pent up power and fury, will she find that she has misdirected her angst?

    But that is not yet. In fact, all the political and power struggles are a long time away. For now, she trains hard. But fate will not be delayed any longer, and intervention shall arise. Plots shall thicken, and only she has the power to uncover Skyrim's deepest, darkest secrets, shrouded in a massive cloak of Elves and guilds of influence and power.

    But only she can shape the path of her Master's fate, and ultimately, that of Skyrim as well. The wheels have been set in motion. Will she be led astray, or will she triumph against all odds?

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    Default Re: MAARC XLIV - Submission thread [extended to MARCH]

    Although the competition seems to be very hard, I'll throw my hat into the ring again... my gauntlet into the pit... erm... my two cents onto the table?

    Title and link: "In the Holy Lands" (link in the signature below)
    Author: The critically acclaimed Strengelicher (me)
    MIITW Kingdoms, SS 6.4 (no submods, but manually adjusted to 2 TPY)
    Faction: Crusader States (late campaign)
    Short description/teaser: Witness how the royal family de Brienne and their allies struggle against overwhelming odds to retain Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Heaven. Cunning diplomacy has enabled them to thrive in short times of peace again and again, but now the forces of Islam are unified against them in a Holy War. With limited armies, an empty treasury and no help within reach, will they be able to survive?
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