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Thread: Battle Royale/Server Games

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    Default Battle Royale/Server Games

    This has been suggested before, this post isn't made with any assumptions about feasibility or specific suggestions for implementation, and is intended to serve only as a gauge for interest/to promote discussion.

    Having the Competitive Server sit idle for almost an entire week is pretty wasteful and utilising it as an FFA PvP, or Battle Royale/Server Games, server would be a solid way to generate more interest in the Minecraft Centre servers as a whole.

    There are more than a few popular servers out there that cater to the BR crowd, many of whom originally started as/also support a Towny or Factions PvP server. The objective for the MMC servers here would be to get more users aware of what you offer/the fact you exist at all, and in turn promoting more interest in the regular Factions PvP server.


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    Default Re: Battle Royale/Server Games

    This has been suggested and was meant to be implemented, but moderation is working quite hard on a variety of other things at the moment or we've got some rl duties that need attending. Nonetheless, giving it more attention wouldn't hurt.

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    Awhile back I ran my own server and it had started out as a games server - you join, play an event such as a hunger games match, then either leave or play another round. It actually generated so much popularity that I eventually turned it into a factions server with games. Unfortunately the one-man admin job was too hard and RL made me shut it down. But I think it'd be an excellent way to attract people.

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    Default Re: Battle Royale/Server Games

    I also think this is a good plan.

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    This totally not something I said to multiple moderators many months ago.

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    Default Re: Battle Royale/Server Games

    I like this plan.
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