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Thread: Ai pumps out units too fast?

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    Default Ai pumps out units too fast?

    I was just trying out this mod. I played Norway on medium difficulty, and it seemed much harder than the Grand Campaign using the same difficulty. Mainly I had money problems, and the Scots were pumping out full armies like there was no tomorrow.

    If retraining was easier, it wouldn't be that much of an issue. But it takes ages for me to retrain an army after a battle, since it only trains 2 units per turn. I was basically stuck for 20+ turns because the Scots kept throwing massive armies my way and I then had to retrain them after losing half my army, as the Scots still had plenty of troops defending their cities. They seemed to have a much bigger pool of cash than me, as I was barely able to maintain 1 and a half armies without going banktrupt, yet they were making full armies every other turn and sending them my way it seemed.

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    Default Re: Ai pumps out units too fast?

    You have a brain so to compensate modders usually give the AI alot of money. I personally do no think it is too fast, i play on H/H but have never played a Norwegian campaign. How experienced a medieval player are you?

    EDIT: Also, recruit more merchants and send them to France. I'm on about turn 40 and i have only 4 merchants down there giving me a total income of roughly 10,000. That is alot of cash for more armies.
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    Default Re: Ai pumps out units too fast?

    Check the EDB and see if the AI has a higher replenishment rate for its unit pools.

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    Default Re: Ai pumps out units too fast?

    The AI does produce units a little faster but not much. This was to compensate for the CPU's general stupidity in decision making as well as to help get them to produce more diverse armies.


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    Default Re: Ai pumps out units too fast?

    im working on an harder ai patch that will make battles longer and campaigns slower and money tighter,
    as i found the whole mod very enjoyable but way too easy for me

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    Default Re: Ai pumps out units too fast?

    But it kinda kills the immersion when you see the Scottish empire of never ending hordes .

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    Default Re: Ai pumps out units too fast?

    Reducing the availability of crappy units and increasing the availability of good units for the AI along with recruit_priority_offsets should help. Simply allowing the AI to pump out an army in 3 turns instead of in 10 doesn't change the make-up of each army.

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