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    Hi all

    I have the Rome : Total War Gold Edition, Which has Barbarian Invasion also on the one disc

    Im looking to download FATW, Is this possible with the Gold Edition?

    Ive already downloaded the MOD and installed it and it says it installed sucsessfully but no sign of the actual FATW when i run BI or Rome Total War, Maybe im missing a previous patch?


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    Launch BI, then go to the Options menu. At the top-right corner you can see the version of the game. If it's 1.6, you're ok, if not, you need to apply the official BI 1.6 patch.

    Is there a "ci" folder inside your Rome - Total War/BI folder?
    Does the shortcut you're using to play the mod has " -mod:bi/ci" in the 'Target' line?

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    Thanks for the reply, I checked and it is the 1.6 version,

    Also there is two "ci" folders one in the rome total war folder and one in the BI folder, Both just have "Data" when i open them, Im after installing the FATW 2.4 and 2.0, In that order, will i have to reinstall the whole game and reinstall them in correct order?

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    Now i have an icon called "The new shadow" and when i double click it, The game is running then before gets to the menu it crashes and says "Generic Error: Unable to find skeleton "fs_mumak_small"

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    Why are you using the 2.0 and 2.4 versions? These are obsolete. Please use the 2.6 version, which can be found here:

    Delete both the 'ci' folders you have. When you install the 2.6 version, a 'ci' folder will be created inside RTW/bi, if you follow the instructions 9also provided in the thread link to above).

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    I seem to be having trouble, I downloaded the first part of the mod no problem from the sendspace link, But i cant seem to unzip the second part?

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    Try selecting them both, and -with both selected- extracting them to the same location.

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    Same again, First part extracts no problem, When it comes to the second part it just doesn't work, Ill try a different link to download them from

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    What do you mean it doesn't work? Do you get an error message?

    You can try the file from Gamefront, which is a single file.

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    Currently doing that at the minute, I have deleted both "ci" files, Should it just run when its completed downloading?

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    It won't run automatically, if that's what you mean, you'll have to double-click it. After that, just click 'next' until it asks for the installation path. There you must point it to the directory where your RTW-BI.exe is. (main RTW directory).

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    Got it working thanks very much for the help, Is there any way i could play as the elves no?

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    Wait for the next version , as iam for probably 1-2 years now

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    Not with the currently available version, I'm afraid, there are no Elves on the map. A very limited elven roster is available for custom battles though.

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