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Thread: TATW Tech Help Guide and FAQ (Read This First Before Posting!)

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    Default TATW Tech Help Guide and FAQ (Read This First Before Posting!)

    Third Age Total War Technical Help Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

    Here you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find a solution to your problem here search the TATW Tech Help forum. Then, if you still do not have a solution, make a new thread explaining your problem in as much detail as possible such as when it crashes and what error message you receive. Please also include other details such as what operating system you are using (Windows 7, Vista, XP), what version of M2TW you have (Steam, retail disc, Gold/non-gold), etc.... Please also be prepared to upload your log and potentially a save game file. Your log can be found in
    Program Files/Sega/M2TW/logs. Below are instructions on how to upload a save game file:

    How to upload a save game file
    Make a copy of your save game file and place it on the desktop. Then right click on it and select "Send to (compressed) zipped folder." Then instead of making a post as a "Quick Reply" go to "Go Advanced" and press this: button and upload your save game file directly from your PC/laptop to your post as an attachment.


    • This forum is only for TATW technical help and bug reports. If you have a legitimate bug report please post it in the Official Bug Reports thread, but please read the first post before making a report. This thread is meant only for specific bug reports and not technical help. An example of good bug reports can be seen here and here.


    Q: How do I install Third Age Total War?

    • Special Note: If you are using Window 7, Windows 8, or Vista, before installing disable User Account Control (UAC). This can interfere with proper installation. There are two methods for doing this: Method 1 and Method 2.
    • Standard installation:
      • Standard Installation
        Simply download TATW 3.0 Part 1, TATW 3.0 Part 2, TATW 3.1, and TATW 3.2 and then run reach installer and install into the location where you have M2TW and Kingdoms installed. Normally this is: "Programs/SEGA/Medieval II Total War"

    • Those with Steam require a different install. There are three different methods.
      • Method 1
        1. Install all parts of the mod as instructed above.
        2. Open "Steam/Steamapps/Common/Medieval II Total War/mods". There you
        will find all your installed Kingdoms campaigns as well as the "Third_Age_3" modfolder.
        3. Edit the name of one of the Kingdoms folders (americas, britannia, crusades, teutonic), preferably your least favorite campaign. The new name doesn't have to be anything specific.
        4. Change the name of the "Third_Age_3" folder to the former name of the Kingdoms folder you just edited. For example, if you edited the "americas" folder, the "Third_Age_3" folder should be named "americas".
        5. Select the appropriate campaign from the steam menu. If you renamed the "Third_Age_3" folder to "americas", select the americas campaign. If you named it "crusades", select the crusades campaign and so on.
        6. Steam will now launch the mod.

        • Special Note: If you have installed 3.0 or 3.1 and renamed your folders before you have installed the 3.2 Patch:
          - If you have already renamed the "Third_Age_3" folder to one of your 'Kingdoms' campaigns (for example to "americas") install the patch normally.
          - After the installation, move the files of the newly created "Third_Age_3" folder to the renamed folder manually.
          (For example cut the content of the "text" folder from the newly created "Third_Age_3" folder and paste it into the "text" folder of your "americas" folder.)
          Note : The "models_missile" folder has to be copied to the normal ".../Medieval II Total War/data" folder!
          - The "Third_Age" folder can now be deleted.

      • Method 2

        1. Install all parts of TATW (3.0 Part 1, 3.0 Part 2, 3.1, and 3.2) to the desktop.
        2. Then move the Third Age folder to the Steam/Steamapps/Common/Medieval II Total War/mods folder.
        3. Then rename one of the Kingdoms campaigns to something else, like change americas to americas2.
        4. Then rename the Third Age folder to americas. Finally, select the americas campaign from the Steam menu and the mod should launch.
      • Method 3
        Use a mod launcher tool:
      • Kingdoms Launcher App
      • Steam Compatibility Mod Starter
      • Steam Mod Installer Tool

    • For Mac Installation:
      • Mac Installation Instructions
        Download the Medieval 2 Total War Wrapper from Paul the Tall and install it according to his instructions

        -Download TATW 3.0 Pt1 and 2 & Patch 3.1

        -Right click your Medieval 2 wrapper icon and show package contents

        -Drop the TATW .exe's into c:

        -Open Wineskin from within the wrapper

        -Advanced -> Set executable to TATW Pt. 1 -> Done -> Exit Wineskin

        -Double click Medieval 2 wrapper - the TATW install program will start -> Install TATW

        -Repeat for TATW Pt. 2 & Patch 3.1

        -Open wineskin and set executable to the Third Age.bat file in the mods folder of Medieval 2 folder in drive c: within the wrapper contents.

        -Double Click Medieval 2 Wrapper and enjoy.


    Q: Help! I tried to play a battle and it crashed! What can I do?

    • Generally battle crashes are caused by a time stamp error in the descr_geography files. Deleting these two files in the TATW data folder should fix the problem: descr_georgraphy_new database file and descr_georgraphy_new text document. Another method is to disable daylight savings time on your computer. A third option can be found here.
    • There is also a bug known to cause battle crashes when reinforcements are present. The fix for this can be found here. (Download link here)
    • Battle crashes can also be caused by heat. Keep your system clean and free of dust to help prevent system overheating.
    • Updating M2TW Kingdoms to 1.5 can also make the game more stable resolving some crashes. See here for M2TW patches. Make sure you get the right one as they vary based on region and Gold vs. Non-Gold.
    • See this thread for other basic fixes that can fix crashes.
    • Sometimes there is a rare, random bug and simply reloading and replaying will result in a successful play.

    Q: I have an error message saying "cannot find Kingdoms.exe"
    A: Most of the time this is an error caused by downloading and installing the wrong Kingdoms 1.5 patch. Make sure you get the correct patch as they vary based on region and Gold vs. Non-Gold.
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