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Thread: NTW - laggy sound problem

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    Hi i recently installed Napoleon Total War and the first play was fine. However when i went back later on and relaunched the game the initial cutscene with napoleon the sound cuts out and then comes back continuously so that the voiceover and the video are out of sync. It also does this on napoleons battles where napoleon gives a short speech on the battle. Ive deleted the preferences script and verified the game cache as i read on here however this doesnt solve it. The cache also says everything verified except one file which it says it will retrive and then downloads a 56kb file which seems to do nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

    Also when forming groups i find that when dragging into position the units stay as they were when initially deployed. Its like the grouping in shogun 2 with the lock group button only i cant find a button to remove this sp that my groups can attack a target rather than just move to it etc

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    Does it do when you start a new campaign.
    As far as battles, blame CA.

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    The problems seems to have stopped now, perhaps the file was installed, but thank you for attempting to help anyway.
    Damn CA, should never have partnered with steam in my opinion...

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