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Thread: House and Character Sign-Up

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    I am aware

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    Ramsay Strong
    Name: Ramsay Strong
    Age: 45
    Born on a dreary November evening five-and-forty years ago, Ramsay is the second son of the old lord Strong who used to rule the great fortress of Harrenhal. As he had no prospects, he contented himself serving many different lords as a sellsword: Lannister, Harlaw, Mormont, Florent... Ramsay served under many banners, often hired to purge out bandits and other malcontents. As he grew older, he grew more discontent with his lot in life, and due to the lack of any war at all in Westeros, he went to find a mercenary company to join in Essos. He joined the free companies after he stole from the second sons, and now he serves Maegwyn the Andal as a lieutenant, as he is wanted for rape, murder and theft just about everywhere else.

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