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Thread: Crossroads Saloon: OOC chat.

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    Default Re: Crossroads Saloon: OOC chat.

    Scary thought, isn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trot View Post
    And he believed a woman who jumped out a window?
    To be honest: This was one of our best RP moves, even if we have risked our life with this. But it was worth it as it seems like the Seven were in Aelinor's favor.

    And about the whole Rhaegel discussion: Aelinor, Cersei and Daryn have seen him, while Aelinor decided to reveal it for understandable reasons, since it wasn't important important for Cersei and Daryn.
    However, I would like to know how Baelor actually linked his brother with the Moonstone, who is a completely other threat of which neither Aelinor and my characters knew, if I remember right. Men with silver hair can be also found at Driftmark or have sailed from Volantis to Westeros - so in case of doubts, Rhaegel's crime would just be Lords swearing his oath towards him.

    Which, to be honest, isn't that bad, even if he gots unrevealed in case of his return, since Targaryen madness has already been located inside Westeros from the perspective of sceptic lords. He actually may be a good candidate for a worthy king, depending on Baelor's further actions and the circumstances of Blackfyre's return.

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    Vale trade lane open, stone gives 10% cost reduction on all buildings

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    Alright, I'm closing this thread as its approaching the 10,000 post limit set by the forum techs. I opened a new one and I will leave this one on the front page for a few days before moving it to the archives for continuity purposes.
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