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Thread: Tolkien General Discussion II

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    Thanks! I'm not a fan... I'm a fanatic.
    And Gandalf is in fact an Istari(Or a mair I'm a bit rusty), not an hobbit.
    Yes, Tolkien Gateway is the best. I used to spend hours on their just reading all the lore... I need to reread the Silmarilion.

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    when I wrote this

    Gandalf said that he was of a race akin
    I actually meant Smeagol with "he"

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    Oh, my bad!
    It'd be interesting to do battle in Beleriend.

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    Hehe, that's funny. Some lines are hilarious.

    "Fëanor was the mightiest and most talented of the elves, and also their biggest ."

    "Fountains are delightful, not metal."

    Haha, kinda true, it depends on what kind of fountain it is. A fountain of blood ist quite metal, according to the definition of metal used in this text.

    I'd still say that Túrin deserves a better ranking. He is one of the biggest badasses in the legendarium, and biggest , second to Fëanor only. Plus he's so sullen, grim and dark. And killing yourself out of shame and self-hatred is really heavy metal.
    I would rather have a memory that is fair but unfinished than one that goes on to a grievous end.

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