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    Hello I have a few about the server as I'm new. where can I find information on the plugins the server is using? I looked around and all I found was a dead link.

    Is the chat global?

    And last is the server in Usa? Cause i had some weird skip lagg.

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    -The website with the plugins information is dead (I thought it was hacked).
    -The chat is global, but when you join a faction you also get "faction chat" and "ally chat".
    -The server is in the USA, but I think you lagg because of a bug. We have a plugin that slows diamonds armor and speeds up leather. when you run in leather, you go faster, but walking gives a bug and makes you lagg.
    So just take the armor off or keep running .
    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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    Ok thanks time to dump the armor.

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    Yea best to avoid leather armor at the moment. Server is in Colorado

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