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    Hi everyone, great forum you have here.

    I need some help with increasing my faction leader's influence. I'm playing MTW XL on normal as the scots. Every battle I've fought has been a blowout in my favour and I eliminated the irish and the scots in one turn each. I have 7 provinces, but can't seem to get above 3 crowns. I have about 6 allies. There are factions that have done virtually nothing and have 5-6 crowns. I've had similar games with the danes where I had taken over half the map, and never lost a province, yet my influence is still like 3-4. I realize that when a leader dies, he loses some influence, but this is ridiculous. I'm obviously missing something.

    Also, does it matter how low your other generals' loyalty is as long as the one leading the army(the most stars) has decent loyalty?


    By the way, XL mod rules, thanks to those who made it.

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    Moved to the Medieval: Total War General Discussion sub-forum.

    BTW, Welcome to TWC.

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    Conquering more land would help. Have you eliminated the English or the French yet? If you're playing with the Glorious Achievements goal, then fufilling those achievements would probably add to that.

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    You simply need to capture more land, try invading mainland Europe.
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    You cannot get uber influence by conquering a couple territories. Just by conquering the Scots and the Irish that may get you 1 more crown. If you want a bunch of crowns you must take tons of territory. And when an heir takes over, his influence has nothing to do with the previous kings influence. You coudl have an 8 crown king be succeded by a 1 crown king. So you must plan your expansion around this. Empires simply cannot support constant rapid expansion (otherwise the game would be too easy). So you need to plan your expansion around this. Expand rapidly when a low influence king takes over, then once you have his influence up stop expansion and stabalize your empire. During this time start getting ready to expand again when your king dies. One tactic you can use is when your king starts to get really close to dieing, find a couple provinces you dont care about, destroy all the buildings that increase happiness, remove the garrison, and spike the tax rate to get a revolt to occur there. Let the rebels take the province. The king loses some influence, but he will die in a couple turns. When the new king takes over retake your lands to give your king influence. If you really need dont want that low influence king who just took the throne to rule, you could assassinate him and hope the next in line will have better influence.

    To answer your second question. No.
    The only time loyalty matters is if a general is leading a stack.

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    Right on, thanks.

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