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    Default Ask anything about Slovenia

    Meelis13 created 'Ask anything about Estonia' thread a while ago and encouraged others to do the same for their countries.

    So here's a similar thread for my country. Everyone can ask and I or other people from my country will try to answer your question .

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    great to see someone grabbing on to idea, but could you please post in that topic to bump it?
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    Since nobody asked anything yet, I will try to spark interest with this timelapse video of Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana (try pronouncing it). I think it's much better than the official promotional video called Letters from Ljubljana.

    Watch in HD, please

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    Default Re: Ask anything about Slovenia

    Haha, like watching toys. Or sims in Sim City. And Sims.
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    Indeed, the skyscraper scene is particulary funny.

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    What is the traditional food of Slovenia?
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    There are several traditional dishes in Slovenia. The most known are Kranjska klobasa, Ajdovi žganci, Štruklji, Potica, Kremna rezina (or Kremšnita) and Prekmurka gibanica.

    You can find the pictures of these (and some more) dishes here (post #58). The list in that thread is not representing all of our cuisine because every region has it's own dishes, which are sometimes unknown to people who don't live there . There is a great variety of food for such a small territory. Some dishes which are sometimes referred to as 'domače' (meaning our, Slovene) can be found in Austrian, German, Croatian (and other) cuisines.

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    I might pass through Slovenia in a few months, what nice things can I do for a few days?

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    I'll mostly write about western part of the country as I know it far better than eastern part.

    If you are staying for few days, I advise you to book a hotel/hostel/apartment etc. in Ljubljana and make day trips to the places you want to visit.

    In Ljubljana, you can visit Ljubljanski grad (castle) and just walk through the city centre. I recommend you just enjoy the life of the city. Sit by Ljubljanica river and watch people as the pass by.

    Near the town I live, you can go to Velika Planina and see how herders lived (some still do) in the past.

    One of the most known tourist attraction is Bled. It's worth visiting but for me, Bohinj is even nicer. It lies beneath Julian Alps in Triglav national park (TNP for short). There is also a beautiful waterfall nearby, called Savica which was featured in poems by Prešeren, our national poet. Krnica valley is also nice. If you want to climb a mountain, there are plenty of high peakes waiting for you.

    Near the border with Italy is Soča river, which is known by it's emerald-green colour. People say rafting on Soča is wonderful experience but I haven't done it yet so I don't know.

    Probably the most known tourist attraction is Postojnska jama. It's a large cave with an interesting creature Olm living in it (and yes, it will grow into dragon). Few kilometres away you will find Predjamski grad. It's a castle situated in front of a large cave with secret route, so the people inside the castle could withstand siege and even throw food at their enemies. Restaurant Čuk in Postojna is very good. Note that there are plenty of other caves in the area, including Škocjanske jame with a natural underground bridge.

    The region of Kras is known for it's wine, pršut (prosciutto) and beautiful old villages. Lipica nearby is known for beautiful Lipizzaner horses. I think you can attend a show there but I'm not certain. There are beautiful towns on our coastline, Piran is my favourite (and the most known), Izola is also nice. Make sure you visit salt evaporation ponds in Sečovlje. Restaurant Pod Trto and Jasna are quite good (I haven't been to Jasna for some time now but people say it's still good). Postojnska jama, Prejamski grad, Kras, Lipica and seaside could probably be seen in just a day. But I would say two days would be better.

    In Inner Carniola (Notranjska) you can visit Cerkniško jezero which is an interesting karst lake but it will dry out during spring. In Lower Carniola (Dolenjska) you can visit Primož Trubar's birthplace (the guy who wrote first books in Slovene), Otočec and Bela Krajina region.

    In Styria, you can find many spas. Cities of Celje, Ptuj and Maribor are also worth visiting.

    This is it. If you have any question, feel free to ask me either here or via PM.

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