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Thread: Roman Infantry Bug - Broken/Inactive Pila Throwing

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    Icon4 Roman Infantry Bug - Broken/Inactive Pila Throwing

    Hey there folks!

    Just started getting back into Rome again, and I have fond memories of DarthMod. I reinstalled Rome via Steam, installed DarthMod, and started having a fantastic time once again.

    However, I've hit a small snag. Whenever my Roman infantry (Pre-Reforms, haven't tested the full legions yet) attempt to throw their pila, they never actually release. They just swing it forward and never actually throw. It's causing some serious issues in battles, as whole squads will be slaughtered while they try (without result) to throw. Every once in a while a single unit card's worth of units will get half of their pila thrown, but it really doesn't make much of a difference as far as the battle is concerned.

    I've never had problems with this mod before, and it is a clean install. I'm sorry if this problem has been reported already, but I didn't find anything via the search function.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - I love this mod!


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    Default Re: Roman Infantry Bug - Broken/Inactive Pila Throwing

    Is it when the enemy is in very close proximity of the troops that are throwing the pila?
    I have seen this as well
    Dont you love it when Mod Devs tell people to delete all other mods, because one is conflicting with it. Then they say "All mods are deleted from my data folder". Then, they wise up and find a mod lingering. LoLz!

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