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Thread: Shogun 2 on Windows 8

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    Default Shogun 2 on Windows 8

    Hello, recently I installed Windows 8 and Shogun 2 crashes during battles, does anyone having same kind of problem? I tried verifying game cache but nothing.

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    Yep. I am currently running Windows 8 and have had 3 crashes in the past 24 hours.

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    Default Re: Shogun 2 on Windows 8

    Just install a better os
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    Default Re: Shogun 2 on Windows 8

    I read a review a week or two ago about how Win 8 performs with games and the creator of the article (I really forgot who and where, I just bumped into it really) did a upgrade to Win 8 and held it a month and played a series of games on it. At first he had no issues but in the last week he was like: constant crashes and blue screens, need to reverse fast!
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    I pitty the fool who use windows 8 for desktop gaming.

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