Kingdom of the Massylii

The Massylii or Maesulians were a Berber federation of tribes of eastern Numidia which was formed by an amalgamation of smaller tribes during the 4th century BC. They were ruled by a monarch, always a male king. On their western border were the*Masaesyli a powerful rival tribe. To the east lay Carthage. The*Massylii engaged on raids on a normal basis and Carthage was often the target. They were one of the sources pf the famous Numidian cavalry who followed Hannibal to Italy and Caesar to Gaul. Their horsemen are some of the best in the world but their infantry is lightly armed and leaves much wanting. *

Zelalsen of Numidia (344 BC- ?)*
Zelalsen is the current king of the confederate tribes of the*Massylii. Still a warrior and active king at 59 years old. He is a talented rider and very avid man. He has an heir Gala.*

Gala of Numidia

Crown prince of Numidia and son of*Zelalsen An expert horsemen and budding commander of cavalry.*.

Military forces:*

Lands: Cirta, Vescera, Theveste, Caspa, Cydamus, Gholaia.*