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Thread: Experiencing CATW In Extreme Graphics [WARNING, Strong Computer Necessary]

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    Default Experiencing CATW In Extreme Graphics [WARNING, Strong Computer Necessary]

    As you know CATW's skins are very high definition [512], but if you would like to play and view them the way I do (they look stunning once done following these steps). For the stronger computers this will let you push CATW further than the max setting you already have.

    Let us begin . . .

    First steps!

    1. Open your preferences file which is located C://place where you have your RTW installed/CATW/preferences
    2. Look for the file named “preferences” and open it with notepad
    3. Find these lines and make appropriate changes:

    SHOW_BANNERS:TRUE change to FALSE and you will get rid of the banners

    UNIT_EXPERIENCE_UPGRADE_EFFECT:TRUE change to FALSE and sparkling stars are gone


    Extra steps (huge strain on your computer as every blade of grass requires processing power/gfx memory)
    4. GRASS_DISTANCE:75 to a higher number.You can set a higher or lower number so test what you like and can run.


    However this is not it. I personally think that RTW looks a bit pale and lacks contrast and some darkness. However there is a way around this.

    1. Download this: and install it
    2. Open it up and then adjust these settings:
    0,90 Gamma

    -3% Brightness

    1,10 Contrast

    3. Save the color profile and assign it a hotkey. Also set the hotkey to return to normal settings.
    4. Now every time before you play CATW, launch this little program, press the hotkey you assigned for the adjusted settings and start CATW.

    Looking good eh.

    The following steps apply to Nvidia gfx card users, HOWEVER ATI gfx card peeps should find a similar way to adjust theirs.

    1. Open you graphic card settings window. (Now I don’t know where yours is as it depends on graphics card and operating system. I have Nvidia card and have a nvidia control panel option, so if you have the same follow these steps, if not they might help you to figure out how to open your own settings):

    (Or possibly press right mouse button on your desktop and choose Personalize then follow steps in spoiler)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Select Display settings

    In the window that opened select Advanced Settings

    Now it should show your card, so select the tab with your cards name on it

    You are given the option to Start the NVIDIA Control Panel, choose it

    Here you go! You can close the rest of the windows now.

    1. In your graphic card setting window choose Manage 3D settings
    2. Choose the tab with Program settings
    3. This will give you the list of programs installed on your machine, find Rome – Total War
    4. Change some settings here:

    >>Set Anisotropic filtering to 16x

    >>Set Antialiasing – Gamma correction to On

    >>Set Antialiasing – Mode to Enhance the application setting

    >>Set Antialiasing – Setting to 16xQ

    >>Set Antialiasing – Transparency to Multisampling

    >>Set Comformant texture damp to Use hardware

    >>Set Texture filtering – Anisotropic sample optimization to On

    >>Set Texture filtering – Trilinear optimization to Off

    Leave the rest of the settings on Use global setting

    (Optional) Set the same settings for Alex.exe and BI.exe if you have them installed

    6. Apply the changes and close the window

    Should see a huge change now. This may affect your fps.
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