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Thread: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

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    Default [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    We are thinking about changing the name of the Easterling faction from "Chiefdom of Rhun" to something that will:
    a) give a more distinctive identity to the faction
    b) indicate that they are not one people, but rather a collection of tribes under the leadership of the most powerful of them

    We've considered various names, but we have difficulty finding one we're all happy with.

    We'd like to have the fan's ideas and opinions on this! Do you think the name should change or not? If yes, what name(s) would you suggest?

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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    I dimly remember we discussed this topic a while ago, and I think I suggested to call it a 'federation'. And to resemble the tribal alliance character of the faction by assigning certain units to one tribe and expanding the trait system of the generals (which is already implemented as "Tribe of the Ox" etc).
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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    Characters do have tribes assigned to them, and some units will be made tribe-specific (via description), yes.
    Federation (and confederation) has been vetoed by the powers that be because it sounds too modern... I'm all ears for suggestions though.

    Would naming the faction based on a cultural trait, a la Wainriders (not "Wainriders" per se), work?

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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    Apart from simply calling them "Easterlings" (which is a rather boring name), I don't think you could find many better names for the faction than Chiefdom of Rhn. In Sindarin Rhn means "East". If you combine that with "Hoth" (from Balchoth: Horrible Horde), you would get something like Rhnhoth: "East Horde/Host". That might make things more clear about the Easterling tribes being all different tribes/clans and temporarily united to attack the west. I wouldn't change it though, Chiefdom of Rhn looks good enough to me.
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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    I agree, Chiefdom of Rhun is ok.

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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    I would agree with changing the name of the faction. Names like Rhn and Harad were only collective terms for those people by their enemies (and maybe used in the way Hellenic people used term “barbarian”).

    In my opinion they would never call themselves those names as they are taken from the elven language. Ok, for Harad (and Near Harad) they could use it because it was the “melting pot” of the (Black) Nmenrans and native population and for some time they were under the rule of Gondor (Near Harad and Umbar was under direct rule and rest were tributaries). On the contrary, Easterlings would not use it because there was not so much cultural contact.

    Name could be given depending on how you consider Easterling tribes came under one banner. Did they become conquered by the strongest tribe (Wainriders?), formed a confederacy as real historical nomadic people often did (e.g. Onogurs = ten tribes --> represented by the arrow symbol) or maybe a bit of both?

    If Wainriders are the dominant tribe above all others you could call it the “Wainrider’s Chiefdom (or Khanat)”. On the other hand, if those tribes formed a confederacy (which, if I remember correctly, more fits the situation in TNS because the faction symbol consisted of the two tribes symbols- white ox and wheel; and other tribes are represented), I would agree with Thangaror, and give a new name to the newly formed confederacy. Aradan, you are right, confederacy is relatively new term and would not fit too well. What would be smart is to actually look how the (real life) tribes took names for themselves and try to do something similar. Maybe “Realm (or Covenant) of the East” could work even though it sounds too “West-centric”…

    Well, I hope I helped even though it seems that I have written too much, but then nothing… I'm overcomplicating, as always.
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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    Is it too pejorative to call it a Horde? Or a Host (not sure if thats the english word for it) ? They are a mass of hostile imigrants after all.

    The Wainrider Horde. It sounds very cool to me.

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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    Tribes/Clans of the East?

    Idk, I tried.
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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    Easterlings is fine in my book, sounding like an ethnic designation rather than a name for a cohesive unified body.

    Though the status quo works just as well and I don't see any need for change.
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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    Well, if you want to change it, some suggestions:

    Easterling confederation (a la Iroquis confederation, etc)
    Tribes of the east
    Easterling horde/hordes
    The Horde of Rhun

    Rhunnish-Variag commonwealth (admittedly, this was inspired by atheniandp's sig).

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    Having the faction as a confederation (or any other form of allied tribes) presents its own set of gameplay-related issues, since we would have to change their mechanics to simulate an alliance of different factions, instead of one faction with a central authority (which is how RTW works). I'd rather present them as a single faction consisting of a central powerful tribe dominating other minor ones, with the tribes being visible through different symbols on units etc.

    Also, the faction is no longer a 'Horde'. It starts fully settled in the eastmost provinces of the map, without any horde-units, since DoM takes place 120 after TNS.

    I think the current name or alternative a "Chiefdom of the [Whatever]s" would best fit our concept of them - though we can't decide on a good version of 'Whatever'. We don't want to name them Wainriders, since it's been used and the faction's regular BG is no longer the War Wains. I was considering naming them after the axe-wielding units mentioned in RotK:
    Quote Originally Posted by Gondorian Soldier
    The new host that we had tidings of has come first, from over the River by way of Andros, it is said. They are strong: battalions of Orcs of the Eye, and countless companies of Men of a new sort we have not met before. Not tall, but broad and grim, bearded like dwarves, wielding great axes. Out of some savage land in the wide East they come, we deem.
    But "Chiefdom of the Axe-men" sounds ridiculous, I've been told.
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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    Quote Originally Posted by Aradan View Post
    since DoM takes place 120 after TNS.
    Just out of curiousity, would that mean that all family members/characters get replaced by new ones? Or will you continue to use the old ones?

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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    Characters mentioned specifically in the TNS timeframe (Barahir, Amandil, Aldor, etc) will be replaced for sure. The rest might or might not be kept, depending on how we decide to set-up the family trees.

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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    If I understand want you want, ideal name would be Chiefdom of + name of some eastern tribe, or some characteristic (like axebearers or wainriders) translated into some eastern language. But since Tolkien AFAIK didn't mention any eastern tribe other than Balchots and Wainriders (and those are also just names given to them by western chronicles) and he didn't invent eastern languages, your choices are limited. Either inventing some eastern sounding name or going with conservative aproach like easterlings or Rhun.

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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    I don't think an easterling name is required. I could live with a cool-sounding english or sindarin (or bastardised, like Balchoth) as well.

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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    Khanate of Rhun ( Khanate - This political entity is typical for people from the Eurasian Steppe and it can be equivalent to tribal chiefdom, principality, kingdom or even empire.)
    Confederation of Rhun ( Confederation - in modern political terms, is a permanent union of political units for common action in relation to other units. Usually created by treaty but often later adopting a common constitution, confederations tend to be established for dealing with critical issues (such as defense, foreign affairs, or a common currency), with the central government being required to provide support for all members.

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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    Coalition of the Wainriders?
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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    Empire of Rhun
    Grand Principality of Rhun
    Khanate of Rhun

    Some suggestions.

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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    The Great Ride of Rhun

    Most military organizations have this "thing" for calling themselves "the great" something. As for the "Ride of Rhun" sounds like a very barbaric horde like invasion or mass migration of sorts. If i recall right at one point the norman army invading britain called itself The Great Norman Army, even when mentioning their non-military personal.

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    Default Re: [Feedback required] Name of Easterling faction

    Union of soviet socialist wainrider republics?

    How about chiefdom of the wainriders.

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