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Thread: HOW TO PLAY?

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    Default HOW TO PLAY?

    Launcher Version
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    Open the Steam Client->Open the Launcher->Choose your favourite Settings->Close the Launcher (Optional)->Load the game via the official game shortcut (not the PLAY button of the Launcher)

    -The mod manager appears
    -Tick only the DarthMod: Shogun II mod pack you wish to use, one of the below:

    • darthmod_shogun.pack (The Default)
    • darthmod_shogun_vanilla_garrison.pack (Vanilla Garrison)
    • darthmod_shogun_vanilla_hand_garr.pack (Vanilla Garrison & Vanilla heavy AI cheats)
    • darthmod_shogun_vanilla_handicaps.pack (Vanilla heavy AI cheats)

    *Note* The launcher saves your settings. So, unless you want to change the settings, you may never use the launcher again and play the mod using the official game shortcut only.
    *You have a CTD?* Try this FIRST OPEN THE STEAM CLIENT

    Steam Workshop Version
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    -Subscribe here:
    -Load the game from the official game shortcut
    -The mod manager appears
    -Tick only darthmod_shogun_SW.pack

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