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Thread: [WIP][NW]Iron Europe:WWI Mod

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    Default [WIP][NW]Iron Europe:WWI Mod

    If you have comments or questions, it is best to go to our Taleworlds Thread because we read and update it more often.

    Iron Europe is a mod in progress for Mount&Blade Napoleonic Wars. We aim to recreate the battles that took place in the First World War. That means new weapons, uniforms, scene props, and maps, all made to make you feel like a soldier in WWI.

    Some history of the mod. The first WWI mod for Warband to ever be completed was The Vast Fields of Europe. It was eventually killed by buggy releases and loss of interest from the fan base. Several months after the death of TVFoE, the team created Battlefield Europe 1916 with a whole new vision in mind. Iron Europe continues that vision and we grow ever closer delivering a grand WWI mod.

    Planned Features
    These are the features we'd like to have for our first public release. We'll definitely expand the mod to include more features in the future.
    -New Factions; French Third Republic, German Empire
    -New Classes
    -New Weapons
    -New sounds for firing, shooting, and background music
    -Grenades with timer
    -Working whistles and binoculars
    -Attachable and detachable bayonets

    1.How can I help?
    a.I don't have any modding skills at all but I still want to do what I can to help.
    Even without modding skills you can be tons of help to the mod. Just spread the word around and wear one of our signatures. This will help us tons because every mod/game needs a strong player base to succeed. Also, posts on the thread are very encouraging to our team. Criticism helps us know how to improve our work and praise encourages us to work harder.
    b.I can research and/or map.
    Sorry but we don't allow researchers or mappers into the team officially. It would just be too easy to abuse since that would mean that anyone who can provide a couple google links or a couple maps would have access to early testing versions. However, research and mapping help is still appreciated and of course, you'll be credited. For mappers, we're planning on releasing a mapping module(native with wwi props) for those who want to start mapping before the release.
    c.I have actual modding skills like modeling, coding, or animating.
    We accept modders that are serious about helping the mod and have some modding experience. If you want to join, make a post on the forums(pm if you prefer) showing the position you want, past experiences, and some work you've done.

    2.When does the mod take place?

    3.When will this mod be released?
    Short Answer: We don't know
    If you're asking this question you don't have much experience with Taleworlds mod threads. Asking this will usually result in people flaming you, so don't do it! Take a look at some of the mod threads in the Pioneer's Guild. Very few of them have release dates. This is because modding is usually done only in freetime. That means that modders still have school and real work to take care of. On top of that, things can happen that put a modder out of action for a while. This makes mod release dates extremely inaccurate. So inaccurate that very few mods bother to have a release date. That's the case with this one.

    4.Will there be machineguns?
    Yes. We'll have light machine guns that you can fire on the move and heavy machine guns that you need to deploy to use.

    5.Will there be artillery?
    Yes! We'll have a variety of shorter range artillery like mortars, infantry support guns, and light field guns. Anything heavier than those wouldn't make any sense because of the small size of Warband maps.

    6.What about stuff like flamethrowers and tanks?
    As you can probably guess, stuff like this is very difficult to do. Other mods have proven that such features are possible so you may see them in the far future but it's definitely not a priority at the moment.

    7.What other factions will there be?
    Once France and Germany are fleshed out we'll work on the UK. After that we're thinking of doing the other major powers in this order; Austria-Hungarian Empire, Russian Empire, Ottoman Empire. If we actually make it that far, we may even try to include some minor factions. :wink:

    8.Will German troops use the Stahlhlelm or the Pickelhaube?
    We're planning on allowing the player to choose.

    9.Will there be cavalry?
    For the first few versions, no. We're starting with creating the Western Front which means maps covered with trenches, barbed wire, and craters. Cavalry would hardly be able to maneuver. Machine guns and accurate rifles would annihilate horses at the start of every round. Cavalry is simply not good for game play. Also, Germany did not use cavalry on the Western Front, which would make things unbalanced. In the future, when we work on other fronts, cavalry may be included.

    10.Can I be apart of the closed beta?
    Closed beta will be very small, exclusive to the team, contributors, and a few others. We'll decide who the 'others' are, so please don't ask.

    11.Where is the download link?

    Yes I've actually been asked this several times.

    Please check out our updates back on the Taleworlds thread to see the work we've done

    Update #1 (8/25)
    Update #2 (8/26)
    Update #3 Just News (8/27)
    Update #4 (8/29)
    Update #5 (9/3)
    Update #6 (9/9)
    Update #7 (9/19)

    For those too lazy to go see the updates, here are some images.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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    Good look.

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    Default Re: [WIP][NW]Iron Europe:WWI Mod

    Great work guys, I was thinking the other day about how cool a WW1 version of Mount and Blade would be, and it's great to see someones actually turning it into reality. It would be great to see this mod become as big as Napoleonic Wars.

    __________"Ancient History is my Achilles' Heel"___________

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    Nice, Rigadoon !


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    Default Re: [WIP][NW]Iron Europe:WWI Mod


    Here's a video of attaching bayonets and light machine guns.

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    Well you must like have your team or something. You are not doing this alone or ?

    The video looks awesome !

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    We're a team of nine

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    Well I hope you nine stay tight and make this mod to the end !

    Make sure you post more screens and videos of your progress. I am watching here almost every day.

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    Augh! So much win in the M&B mod section... I can't take this much concentrated awesomeness!

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    Sorry for not updating here often. Our latest update shows a bunch of German weapons. Check it out on our ModDB page!

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    Did you know you can post an add here?

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    Default Re: [WIP][NW]Iron Europe:WWI Mod

    These guys are getting pretty close to release. Should take a look at some of the stuff they've put out in the past year.

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    Greetings everybody! The day you've been eagerly anticipating is finally here. For some of you, due to time zone differences, this may have com a bit later then you expected. Hopefully, wherever you live, we hope the long long wait for the mod has been worth it. We've worked incredibly hard on this mod for over a year to bring you an experience worthy of the wait. Do remember to give your thanks to the team and contributors if you see them around, both lists can be found on the front page.

    Be aware that this is just our first public release. There are multiple issues which we haven't had the time to deal with. We have yet to get many items in the mod and some are using placeholders, such as the artillery. We will have big updates in the future, fixing issues and adding much more content. Enjoy.

    Download Link 1
    Download Link 2
    Download Link 3
    Download Link 4
    Download Link 5
    Download Link 6
    Download Link 7

    We have two EU servers up and one NA server up at the moment. Courtesy of the 17th Regiment of Foot and the Prussian Army, respectively. An Oceania server will be up as soon as possible.

    Please read the Game Guide & FAQ to learn how to play.

    Oh and Happy Valentine's Day folks!

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    Default Re: [WIP][NW]Iron Europe:WWI Mod

    Thanks man im downloading now. Looks awesome!

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    This mod is awesome, was playing today with 300 ping and even so was good fun.

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