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  • TW Rome III (NO REALLY? Not even Rome II is released!)

    9 6.98%
  • Medieval 3

    65 50.39%
  • Empire 2

    54 41.86%
  • Shogun 3

    1 0.78%
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Thread: Next after Rome II?

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    well imagine if they incorporate a battle system like COH or order of war into the game (But with far greater numbers) would b gr8
    I understand however the problem with a WWII game, an ex was battles were fought not between armies but simply divisions and brigades along long frontlines so I wonder if CA can create such a system (similar to HOI perhaps?)
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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    Med3 with better cities and castles (thanks to the latest game engine) wont be the next game. Or the next game after the next. Expect Med 3 in 6 years at the least. This would be a huge game for CA, like Rome II, so it wont come for a long time.

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    OMG, a China or Mongol Total War would be the best. Just the shear size of their empires would make the campaign map ridiculous and amazing. Also the large infantry and cavalry battles in Asia were epic. You also would get to play with the inventions by the Chinese like fireworks and gunpowder or the crossbow. I'm all for a game like this.

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    Empire 2 done in several installments so they can do it properly. If they plan for reusing things like the world map for three different fully fledged games they'll feel an incentive to do it correctly. I'd like individual counties/departments to be represented as a fixed area with a county town or prefecture. Wider regions will have a capital city which will be how you administer your empire. For example Silesia will be a region with the city of Wroclaw and Galicia will be a region with the city of Lviv. However there would be a small number of oblasts that make up Galicia each of which you have the ability to build in. You raise regiments from Lviv, but they in practice they appear in Volyn. So for example when the French develop "Levee En Masse" they can raise a demi brigade (about 30 units) in each department with a single signature for a dispatch from Paris.

    Emphasis should be on grand strategy from the human perspective of the leadership during campaign (ideally telling an epic story through cinematic cut scenes) and with pitched battles on the field. Stacks would still be 40 units, but now you're going to be stacking stacks and relying more on your AI to carry the day. You manage your general's commands between battles (a stack's commander is going to be either a colonel or a brigadier) and in battle your focus will be on grand strategy. There would be an extra phase of deployment where you deploy your Corps (stack of stacks) over a map of the battlefield and assign objectives. Then you choose a brigade to command in person and you get to take the fight to the enemy from that blood soaked hands on perspective (traditional total war battle perspective, not a first person shooter or something). In this way you'll be able to fight a 1:1 Leipzig with hundreds of thousands in line of fire or Marne with millions of men in the grinder or Stalingrad with literally millions of bodies needing to be buried after.

    These features would be able to better represent relatively small battles or massive conflicts better. I'd make Empire a series within the larger Total War series focusing on the modern period.

    Empire: Total War: The Age of Discovery; 1492-1659 (Medieval Total War)
    Empire: Total War: The Age of Enlightenment; 1660-1789 (Empire Total War)
    Empire: Total War: The Age of Revolution; 1789-1848 (Napoleon Total War)
    Empire: Total War: The Age of Empire; 1448-1918 (Victoria Total War)
    Empire: Total War: The Age of Annihilation; 1918-2020 (Modern Warfare)

    Game one begins on the eve of the discovery of the new world. It will close just before the Stuart restoration.
    Game two will begin with the Stuart restoration and end on the verge of the French Revolution.
    Game three will begin with the French revolution and end in the chaos of the revolutions of 1848.
    Game four will begin with the revolutions of 1848 and end with approximately the conclusion of the first world war.
    Game five will begin with the Armistice and set us up for the bloody events of the last few generations.

    My ideas are too big though so it won't happen...
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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    China total war would be nice to see. Plenty of faction within China as well as a number of barbarian tribes nearby to pester the Chinese.

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    Quote Originally Posted by Holger Danske View Post
    A game that bridges the gap between Medieval and Empire...
    this would be good and gets away from doing yet another sequal. As much as would like a new medieval game on the Warscape engine and a sequal to Empire.

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Dax View Post
    None of the above.

    I'm a Victoria man, through and through. I want to see a campaign lasting from 1835 to 1920.

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    Icon6 Re: Next after Rome II?

    Quote Originally Posted by ATizzy View Post
    I think there should be an Ancient World TW, Babylon, Assyria, etc.
    I am waiting for that

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    Quote Originally Posted by ray243 View Post
    China total war would be nice to see. Plenty of faction within China as well as a number of barbarian tribes nearby to pester the Chinese.
    This will be the first game of CA which I will pre order as soon as it's available. Not even Rome II can beat that.

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    Well said. Something colorful and unique would be a nice direction instead of more of the same.
    But what setting would be best for China? One concentrating on internal Civil Wars with only a few barbarian tribes on the border or should there be other factions as well like Korea, Dai Viet/Annam and the Malay states to the south with their rightful place on the campaign map?
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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    Rome 3. End of discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scipio Africanus View Post
    Rome 3. End of discussion.

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    I voted for Medieval, but I think a Victoria is the next one. It will be a huge success. It will offer African colonialism for Europeans and will sell well in the US as a title focused around the ACW (probably release with a campaign for this). I could see an expansion taking us through 1920.

    I'm basing this off of Shogun II. It really felt like they were pushing that era with the FotS expansion which I thoroughly enjoyed. The level of care and detail that went into just a few western units was more than appreciated.

    I know CA is not dumb to the draw of a proper ACW game that they can hype in the States. Empire did very well here with the Revolution Cover and featuring it in the demo as well as giving it its own campaign.

    I just hope they do sieges the right way finally...............

    I actually feel like a Victoria one would be a bit of a cop out, but great. They've already got a lot of work done for it, just need to expand. They could release it and satisfy that demand while working on a Medieval 3.

    I see the order going:
    Victoria/Industrial Total War
    Medieval 3 Total War
    Empire 2 Total War

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    I'd like to see something new, but I can absolutely live with M3.
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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    I would buy Medieval 3 any time any day. That era seems to draw me in more so than even the roman era (but not the classical age )!
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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    Empire 2 Total War, starts with vanilla ETW, but campaign is 1700 - 1820, togheter with a 1500 - 1700 campaign or 1500 - 1600 and 1600 - 1700, then 3 expansions:

    1 - Age of Discovery: The great navigatons by european powers, conquest of the Americas, etc; campaign: 1500 - 1600

    2 - American Dream: Covers the USA expansion to the West, American Civil War and also the independence of the Latin American countries (Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, etc); camapign: 1790 - 1890 or 1790 - 1900

    3 - The Great War: Covers WW1 and the interwar period, i seriously think it can work well with the right engine and all; campaign - 1880 - 1930 (Shortest camapaign)

    Also including more playable factions AND PLEASE BY THE BEARD OF CHRIST, MAP EDITING.

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    World War 1 Total War. I mean, CA should have a Historical Path in TW games.
    To follow that "historical path" :
    1. Shogun 1 (should be second)
    2. Medieval 1 (should be third)
    3. Rome 1 (should be first)

    So am gonna say Empire 2 Total War, beginnig the XX (20) Century (1900 n afterwards).
    Medieval 2 TW is very complete, so what would be new in a M3TW???
    Rome 2 TW will be epic, why do we need another one?
    My Opinion

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    Sorry i was meaning:
    1. Shogun 1 (should be THIRD)
    2. Medieval 1 (should be SECOND)
    3. Rome 1 (should be FIRST)

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    I'd really like to see a World War 1: Total War as well actually. After Fall of the Samurai it really gave me a taste for that particular era. Medieval 3 would be pretty amazing as well actually, with the much expanded diplomacy and subterfuge lending it a real Game of Thrones vibe.

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    Default Re: Next after Rome II?

    Medieval 3 will be my choice, it's one of the most developed time of mankind where guns were discover.

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