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Thread: Aztec armor suggestion

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    Fist of all, I love this mod. Able to fight back the Spanish invasion and ironically invade back, and conquer Europe. The funnest and what if game play ever. But, what I noticed they have fought back false deity (Spanish) and know what Europe is, yet lack of armor or some tech. I have one modding idea to upgrade Aztec armor. Once any European foreigner invades the Americas,( or once you land Europe and take over a city) be able to upgrade to better armor. For example, heavy infantry will wear the same colorful armor but with some plate on top. Jaguars/Eagle warriors upgradable to heavy chain still with the same armor but some mixed chain and all that show. I will love to mod this and share it, yet I lack TW modding knowledge.
    TL;DR Able to upgrade Aztec troops with some steel armor mixed with original colorful armor.

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    Default Re: Aztec armor suggestion

    i think itīs pretty good idea

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    Makes sense.

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    I probally would of like for an expanded Kingdoms America mod that allows Tlaxcalans if they ally with the Spanish or any other European colonial faction they get a series of missions that when completed give the player European knowledge allowing the training of more advanced units such as gunpowder and mounted troops, which will give you an advantage against the much more massive Aztec and Mayan armies and would allow Tlaxcalans to level the playing field in the case the Europeans back-stab you
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