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    Default Cross Fire

    Cross Fire

    Cross Fire is a free to play modern FPS.

    Cross Fire
    My first impression of Crossfire was that it seems to be a Counter-Strike wannabe and it really seems to be one, honestly. The teams are literally Terrorists vs. Counter-Terrorists or "Black List" vs. "Global Risk". Even the core game modes, as expected, are very similar apart from a few. At least those are fairly entertaining to play compared to everything else in the game. Being what seems to be a "wannabe" probably plays a huge role in why it is one of the most popular free to play FPS around.

    The game itself plays much like an old FPS would, as you would expect, though it can get quite frustrating at times. The hit boxes don't seem to work very well either, voice acting is very annoying. Even though it plays much like a classic FPS it doesn't feel very classic actually it really feels cheap. The character models look cheap, weapons look cheap, game modes feel cheap, maps seem to be ripoff's, and the music is absolutely generic and terrible!

    Graphics Graphics:

    As guessed it actually uses very dated graphics very similar to that of the older Counter-Strike's. While it can probably give that "nostalgia" feeling it still feels like they could be a lot better. If I wanted graphics like these I would just play the already massively popular Counter-Strike titles. They just feel, like the game in general, for that matter. The only good factor at having graphics such as these would probably have to be the low system requirements. If you have a lower end PC expect to play this game with little to no lag.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Even the interface looks terrible, albeit easy to use.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Game Modes Game Modes:

    Like I said expect everything you see in most other FPS games around. bomb defusing, team deathmatch, free for all, and more! It has a few game modes that seem to be unique to the game. One being Mutant mode, though it does seem to be much more like a "zombie survival" type of game mode than anything else, just with Mutant's involved. Don't expect to find any game defining game modes here. For the game modes I have already gone into detail on in my past reviews I will just do a quick "copy and paste". There is really no need to go into more detail for things I have already gone into detail several times on before, though I will add some "game unique" experiences and all the game modes I haven't already covered before.

    Search and Destroy:
    Search and Destroy is a round based tactical "bomb planting" mode, as many of you already know. The Terrorist team has a bomb they are supposed to try and plant a bomb and guard it until it explodes. The Counter-Terrorists must protect the bomb sites with their lives. Each team can also wipe out the other to obtain a round win. Tactical, enjoyable, and competitive.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Team Deathmatch:
    There are two teams, as I have already discussed Terrorist vs. Counter-Terrorist, and the team who gets to the set amount of kills first wins. Players respawn automatically after death. Pretty bland, but fun nonetheless. When I played the game I actually found myself playing this game mode most of the time. Nothing is more fun that "dominating" an enemy, however this game does not feature that.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Much like Team Deathmatch except this game mode is round based and when players are killed they do not respawn. The team who kills the enemy team first wins the round and if both teams end up killing each other it, obviously, ends up in a draw. I played this game mode occasionally not one of my favorites. Much like Search and Destroy tactical and enjoyable.

    Free for All:
    nobody has a team and you are supposed to kill everyone around you. The player who gets to the kill limit first wins. Very chaotic, casual, and fun.

    Ghost Mode:
    One of the game modes that seems to be unique for this game. The terrorist team or "Black List" are equipped with some sort of invisibility armor. Sounds like some amazing technology, though it is flawed, to keep the balance, when a player moves they are visible. The only time they are actually invisible is when they are standing completely still. Also, the "black list" are only able to use knives. Pretty barbaric! Anyway, the point of this game mode is much like Search and Destroy the "Global Risk" team must protect specific points from having a bomb planted and detonated on. I really like this game mode very refreshing from the bomb planting game mode you see in almost every single FPS out there.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Mutation Mode:
    Another of the unique game modes to the game. The Terrorist and Anti-Terrorist teams must work together and survive the onslaught of Mutants. At the start of each round players will be selected at random to become mutants. These Mutants must infect all the human players to win, if there even is one surviving human player mutants lose. There even is a mutant leveling system in place the more kills you get or points you gain will upgrade you and make you faster, stronger, and look more terrifying. I can say that this was one of the few game modes I really enjoyed in the game, though I can say that about other games game modes that are similar to this. I have just always liked surviving from these "infections" roaming about.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Cash Shop
    Cash Shop:

    As you would expect, the game being free to play, it utilizes a cash shop system. Players will buy prepaid cards or buy online with real money to get in game items. The cash shop isn't that balanced either. Most of the free to play items sold in the shop are very generic and the stats aren't even close to that of some of their cash shop counter-parts. You will find everything from cosmetics, new characters, hats, backpacks, etc. to very unique items you can only open through buying crates. Really to experience this game at it's full potential you will have to use your hard earned real money. Something I wouldn't mind if it was at least fairly balanced, but it isn't.

    Conclusion and Score

    Cross Fire is a game if you are out of money or have a very low end computer that could be great to pass the time with. The graphics are terrible and feel cheap, but expect no lag, as said, the game modes are very casual, especially their unique ones, and the game is very large player base, so you will have no trouble finding any matches to play. Some downsides are the game feels cheap in general largely because of the graphics, unbalanced cash shop -hard to get good items. Sometimes buggy, and there are a lot hackers or cheaters out there that can ruin matches right off the bat.


    Graphics: 4/10
    Very low end. Feels and looks cheap, but runs great.
    Gameplay: 6/10
    Very bland, the driving force was the unique game modes which are quite enjoyable.
    Cash Shop: 5/10

    Final Score: 5/10
    Great to pass the time, casual, and runs great on low end computers.

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    Default Re: Cross Fire

    And it is added.

    I think I must go and update the "Top Three Contributors" and "Total Number of Contributors" soon.
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    Default Re: Cross Fire

    Quote Originally Posted by RebeccaHuff View Post
    Cross fire is also a counter-strike but it is more advance than counter, because Cross fire have different modes like Zombie mode, Hero Mode and Team Mode and you can customize your character in Cross fire.
    I never held anything against Cross Fire for having character customization and I praised the unique game modes it did have. Keep in mind though, to actually have character customization you have to pay real money, but that is expected with a free to play game.

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