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    Default RTR VII FAQ

    RTR VII: Frequently Asked Questions

    Here you will find a selection of repeatedly asked questions about the RTR mods. Are you unable to find an answer for your question or issue? Have a look at the Important Information - Everything you want to know! thread to see if you can find it there. Of course, we are happy to help you when you cannot find the info yourself

    1. Why didn't you include the east into your map? It stops at Asia Minor!
    At the moment, there are already many great mods with a scope from Britain to India. For instance RSII, EB and Extended Realism all use that geographical scale. For RTR VII, we wanted to create a different experience. There's no point in reinventing the wheel! Our aim is and has been to create a more challenging campaign with more depth and detail. For that reason, we decided to use a greater 'zoom level' for our map. This created a very detailed campaign map on an amazing scale. To make good use of that, we increased the amount of regions in the different area's of the map. These things make the game a lot more interesting, which is exactly what we wanted to accomplish! Unfortunately, the region limit of RTW means that we couldn't make a 'Britain-to-India-map' with this zoom level. Therefore, we decided to stop at Asia Minor, to create a fresh and challenging experience.

    2. Can I play RTR on a Mac?
    The RTR-team has no experience with Mac and can not provide any kind of support. For further information on Mac and Mods, please have a look at this thread.

    3. How can I play RTR with Steam?
    • Run the RTR VII installer like normal, changing the install path to xxxx/steam/steamapps/common/rome total war gold
    • Ignore the launcher and short-cut prompts, they won't work
    • Open Steam, right-click on Rome: Total War Gold in the My Games menu
    • Select Properties
    • Under the General tab select Set launch options ...
    • Type in -mod:RTRVII -show_err -ne without quotations and click OK
    • Launch Rome: Total War Gold by double-clicking it in the My Games menu
    • Select Barbarian Invasion from the two-choice list and Launch.

    4. How do I take a screenshot and post it on the forum?
    1. Hit Print Screen key on your keyboard to capture the image into memory.
    2. Open any graphics program such as MSPaint, Infranview, ACDSEE, or Photoshop, etc.
    3. Hit Ctrl-V
    4. Save the image as .jpg
    5. While making a new post
    6. Hit "Browse" button next to "File Attachments"
    7. Select the .jpg file you just saved, hit OK, and then hit "Add This Attachment"
    8. Complete the post by hitting "Add Reply"

    5. Which difficulty setting is best?
    Many prefer Hard/Hard, others prefer VH/VH, though very few play on Easy or Medium. Some have suggested that a "difficulty bug" exists, which causes Med to be harder than Hard and Very Hard to be the easiest of all. However, this 'difficulty bug' seems to be a rumor, and nothing more. The RTR Team suggests you play on whichever difficulty setting works best for you. Below are the known effects of the difficulty levels:

    Battle difficulty:
    Easy: +4 morale and +4 attacks to your troops.
    Medium: No bonuses.
    Hard: +4 morale and +4 attack to the ai troops.
    Very hard: +7 morale and +7 attack to the ai troops.

    Campaign difficulty: Exact effects are not known but the AI cheats on VH by getting an extra $10,000 a turn.

    Note that the VII campaigns are balanced at M/M difficulty level, and are a challenge then already!

    6. I'm getting the "Select an item from the list" error.
    You are probably using the wrong BI patch. Note that RTR VII requires BI 1.6 to be installed.

    7. Why don't I have a new intro-movie for TIC/FOE/VII?
    The RTRVII/FoE/TIC intro movie is stored in RTW/RTRVII(or FOE/TIC)/Data/fmv/ so all you need to do to use it is moving it to RTW/BI/Data/fmv and overwrite the intro movie there after making a backup of it in case you want to use it again.

    8. Why doesn't the cheat window open when I press ` or ~ ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sneaking Viper View Post
    In the 1.5 patch there is a issue with the console, i dont know why but dont worry it can be fixed and has nothing to do with RTR.

    Go to the directory Data/text
    use a standard text editor (like notepad/word etc.) to open "descr_shortcuts"
    scroll down until you see "misc." section
    there should be a line with "show_console" here, and it says "hidden" behind it.
    remove "hidden" and save the file

    start Rome: Total War, go to controls and press reset to default
    go to the miscellaneous section in the controls
    there should now be a line "show debug console" in the list of misc. controls
    set whatever key you like to it (however ` or ~ might not work), press the key during the game, and there you go, a nice console

    Hope this helps
    9. I am experiencing extreme lag on the campaign map. What can I do about that?
    This problem is caused by the fact that your pc isn't able to handle the M2 trees on the campaign map. For more information and a fix see this thread.

    10. I am unable to trigger the reforms! What am I doing wrong?
    First of all, you should make sure that your copy of RTR VII has been updated to patch 3. This patch includes fixes and changes for all reforms to make sure that they will work. For more information on the reforms and their triggers, have a look at our feature highlight about The Reforms.

    11. My Roman family members are absolutely worthless. Settlements start to riot, units are routing for no reason!
    I'd suggest to have a look at our feature highlight about the Roman Leadership System.

    12. Why can't I recruit Spartans or other elites?
    Please have a look at our feature highlight about Unique Units.

    13. I don't understand the economical system! What are all those different buildings?
    It would be a good idea to have a look at our feature highlight about MES, or the Economy.

    14. How do these new spy traits work?
    See the feature highlight on Spies and their uses.

    15. My newly captured regions are uncontrollable. How can I make sure that they won't rebel?
    Have a look at our feature highlight about Newly Conquered Region Control and Governors.

    16. How can I create one of these amazing intro movies myself?
    I'd suggest to read Naxzul666's guide about Movies and Tutorials.

    17. The quotes on the loading screens are gone! I just see 'Rome Total Realism patch x'!
    This isn't something to worry about. The quotes were removed as part of a CTD fix, after which we decided to use them to show the version number of the mod.

    18. I see a glitch, there are no banners above armies or cities on the campaign map.
    We did this on purpose. The first reason is that we found it much more aesthetically pleasing to be able to see the new campaign map models without those banners. Secondly, it was employed as a means to make the game more realistic. We want to encourage the player to use spies to gather information about enemy troop movements, just like it would have been back then. It might be a bit strange at first sight, but I'm sure that you'll get used to it soon.
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