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Thread: PvP Changelog

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    Default PvP Changelog

    Listed changes are subject to revision and new changes may be added at any time.

    1.3.1 Launch Factions:

    - Chunk claims now cost 1000, down from 2000.
    - Claim refund value is now 0, down from 1200.
    - Manpower lost on death increased to 15, from 10.
    - Factions with less than three members can no longer declare war or have war declared on them.
    - Chunks can no longer be unclaimed during war.


    - Shop signs will now break when a shop no longer has any of the product it is selling in its chest, allowing that chest to be looted.


    - World type set to Large Biomes.
    - World size set to a 5000 block radius, centered at 200, 300.
    - The Nether and the End are accessible.


    - Power I/II allowed on Bows.
    - Blast Prot/Feather Falling/Respiration/Aquafinity allowed on Armour.
    - Smite/Bane of Athropods/Looting allowed on Swords.
    - Unbreaking/Silk Touch/Efficiency allowed on Tools.
    - Fortune has been restricted.


    - Fire Protection, all varities, allowed.
    - All other Potions have been restricted.


    - Reduced the attack speed and damage of Benz282 by 13% in phase 1.
    - Benz282's enrage timer is now 91 seconds, down from 115 seconds.
    - Cave Spiders during the Brotherhood Citadel encounter will now correctly spawn with Swiftness and Regeneration II.


    - Diamond spawn rate for Moderators and Admins changed to 9 per hour, down from 17 per hour.

    Pre 1.4 PvP Changes Enchanting:
    - Power II Bows can no longer be created.

    - Diamond armor will now automatically move with a Slowness I effect on it.
    - Iron armor will remain at regular speed.
    - Leather Armor will now automatically move with a Swiftness I effect on it.

    - Benz will now drop his weapon every second strike.
    - Poach will no longer run in circles upon logging in.
    - Knights of Ni removed, due to severe lag.

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