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Thread: Want a Front Page Announcement or a tweet? Here's how to get one!

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    Default Want a Front Page Announcement or a tweet? Here's how to get one!

    FP and Twitter Announcement Requests
    • If you would like to request a Front Page announcement, or a Twitter announcement, or both, then please send a Private Message to the News Team using this link. This will send your request to all the current members of the News Team to ensure it is seen and acknowledged in a timely manner.
    • If you hear of any Total War news, whether it be a cool preview or a fancy video then please let us know using the link above - we'd love to hear about it!
    • If you are requesting a Front Page announcement on behalf of your own modification then please submit your request following the format below. Having a Front Page announcement is a great way of getting your mod more exposure, so please get in contact!
    • Announcement requests are resolved on a first come, first served basis. Priority is sometimes given to announcements that may only be relevant for a short amount of time (i.e. official CA/TW news, streams, etc.), but beyond that modding related announcements are generally given higher priority and are posted in the order they were received.
    • Every Front Page announcement gets at least 8 hours as the first post on the front page undisturbed. This can be subject to slight changes based on the size of announcement queues, special news, and at the discretion of the News Team. The length of time a Twitter announcement will remain the most recent tweet posted by TWC is variable, and will almost certainly be less than 8 hours.
    • Because of the character limit imposed by Twitter, it may be necessary for your Twitter announcement to be shorter than your FP announcement.

    Announcement Request Format
    • Before PM'ing your request to the News Team please use the format below and fill it out accordingly - this can be be done by copying the code that is in the spoiler. Please make sure your request follows this format as it makes our job easier and streamlines the whole process for everyone.

      Announcement Title: Please include a short title for your announcement. Note if you leave this blank the News Team will create a title.
      Image: One image or video that relates to the content in hand. Please note that images must be a maximum of 640 pixels wide, a maximum of 360 pixels high, and a maximum of 100kB in size - images too large will be resized if appropriate and doable, but the News Team reserves the right to reject images not conforming to these standards.
      Content: A brief summary of the content that is featured. Please keep it to no more than a few sentences, this should be a brief summary to catch viewers' attention rather than a detailed description.
      Link: To a thread or forum on TWC that contains the main body of content featured in the announcement.
      Specific Date: If you would like your announcement posted on/by a specific date please include it here, otherwise leave it blank. Note that, whilst we will try, the News Team cannot guarantee your announcement will be posted on that date. If it is important your announcement is posted on a specific date (for example to coincide with the release of your mod) then please let us know as far in advance as you can. You may specify different dates for your FP announcement and Twitter announcement. Otherwise we will try to post both announcements as close together as possible.
      Please specify whether this is a request for a FP announcement, a Twitter announcement, or both:

      BB Code:
      Click to view content: 
      Announcement Title: [B]Insert your title here[/B]
      Image: [IMG]Insert your image URL here[/IMG]
      Content: Insert a brief summary of your announcement here
      Link: [URL="Insert the URL of your thread or forum here"]Thread/forum title[/URL]
      Specific Date: Insert a specific posting date here (DD/MM/YY)
      FP, Twitter, or both? State which announcement(s) you'd like here
    • Please remember that announcements are not meant to provide the full details of your release, simply enough to get people's attention and make them click the link, so do not use multiple or large images or long paragraphs.

    Announcements that do not follow the format specified above will be edited to the extent possible in order to comply with it - but it will delay how long it takes for your announcement to be posted and may mean the announcement isn't presented as you would like. To avoid this we ask you to follow the format above as closely as possible. If you want help with creating the announcement and/or formatting it, we are more than happy to help you here, but we are unable to chase you for images, links, descriptions etc. so be sure to include all the detail that is needed.

    More TWC News!

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