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Thread: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    I can not download.

    He tells me he can not find the page when I click to download.

    Can someone upload to another server?

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    no execute on kingdoms gold edition ?

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    Really Nice Demo. Keep me up busy for at least 2 hours Epic Piece of Art .

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    Quote Originally Posted by JOHANNES View Post
    Please, help the link in modmods is dead, please refresh the link,
    thank you
    Quote Originally Posted by Crociato78 View Post
    I can not download ...
    You can update the link or upload it to another server?
    Done, check the OP again, thanks to this son of a gun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paleo View Post
    i need help installing this with steam i keep getting a fatal error message

    Quote Originally Posted by ghasem110deh View Post
    no execute on kingdoms gold edition ?
    I don't know how you go about that, but what's the process with other mods?

    Here is a tutorial for people with...

    Hope it helps you guys enjoy the demo until more candy arrives.

    Thorolf was thus armed. Then Thorolf became so furious that he cast his shield on his back, and, grasping his halberd with both hands, bounded forward dealing cut and thrust on either side. Men sprang away from him both ways, but he slew many. Thus he cleared the way forward to earl Hring's standard, and then nothing could stop him. He slew the man who bore the earl's standard, and cut down the standard-pole. After that he lunged with his halberd at the earl's breast, driving it right through mail and body, so that it came out at the shoulders; and he lifted him up on the halberd over his head, and planted the butt-end in the ground. There on the weapon the earl breathed out his life in sight of all, both friends and foes. [...] 53, Egil's Saga
    I must tell you here of some amusing tricks the Comte d'Eu played on us. I had made a sort of house for myself in which my knights and I used to eat, sitting so as to get the light from the door, which, as it happened, faced the Comte d'Eu's quarters. The count, who was a very ingenious fellow, had rigged up a miniature ballistic machine with which he could throw stones into my tent. He would watch us as we were having our meal, adjust his machine to suit the length of our table, and then let fly at us, breaking our pots and glasses.
    - The pranks played on the knight Jean de Joinville, 1249, 7th crusade.

    Quote Originally Posted by Finn View Post
    This is the only forum I visit with any sort of frequency and I'm glad it has provided a home for RTR since its own forum went down in 2007. Hopefully my donation along with others from TWC users will help get the site back to its speedy heyday, which will certainly aid us in our endeavor to produce a full conversion mod Rome2.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    Why isn't it allowed to create new models by using parts of your models, such as helmets and weapons?

    "or creating a new model using parts of WotW's model".

    Seems to me like a bad rule.
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