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Thread: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

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    Default [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    The War of the West team is proud to announce its first release - the Brittanica Custom Battle Demo!

    Hello fans and followers of our humble little mod! We are very excited to be able to share this release with you. Please note: this is a pre-pre Alpha release, and does not include any campaign map functionality whatsoever. However, we do hope that you will enjoy battling it out with the three included factions as much as we do!


    We plan on updating the package periodically as we complete and integrate new factions, so please check back from time to time!

    As always, please feel free to pass along and questions or suggestions our way - it's always great to get feedback from the community!


    D/L Link: Moddb
    Alternative D/L Link: MEGA
    Simply run the installer, and click on the created "War of the West" desktop shortcut. NOTE: Ensure that the installer is extracting the necessary files to your M2TW Install\mods\WOTW_CB folder (installer will create the WOTW_CB folder for you), or else the mod won't run...


    • Polycarpe - Mod Leader
    • SonofPeverel - Assistant Mod Leader
    • Lord Hamilton - Unit Development (Research, Model Editing, Texturing), 2D Artist
    • David93 - Research, Coding
    • Kjertesvein - Researcher
    • Robert Guiscard - Faction/Unit Descriptions
    • EmperorofHell - Research, Coding
    • lollsuck - Beta Testing

    Other mod credits (resources, etc.) listed on mod's main page

    Permission Issues Anyone is allowed to integrate the new models inside other mods for personal use only. Nobody is allowed to use the models or parts of a model for a public release (submods, mods or creating a new model using parts of WotW's model).
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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    This is AMAZING!! This is the best Day EVAR!! Rep for everyone! Downloading now!
    *now where is my m2tw dics.....*
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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    I did research as well
    im very offended

    The Orcs of Gundabad Erin go Bragh FROGS

    When I came back to Dublin I was court marshaled in my absence and sentenced to death in my absence, so I said they could shoot me in my absence"
    Brendan Behan
    The Irish won an Empire
    The Scots ran an Empire
    The English lost an Empire

    "When I told the people of Northern Ireland that I was an atheist, a woman in the audience stood up and said, 'Yes, but is it the God of the Catholics or the God of the Protestants in whom you don't believe?"
    - Quentin Crisp

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    - Michael Collins

    They have nothing in their whole imperial arsenal that can break the spirit of one Irishman who doesn't want to be broken.
    - Bobby Sands

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    I'll try and give a better review tomorrow but my initial impressions of the mod are excellent. Any fears i had are gone. I am extremely impressed, well done team!

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    This is a fantastic idea! Thank you guys, trying right now!!

    Units are Great! All of them!!

    Loading screens are brilliant! Art is nice in general, especially the backgrounds behind the unit cards!

    Also I like the unit sizes very much!!

    The one negative thing: How can I wait for this without a lot of drugs?! JK lol _
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    Shogun 2, no thanks I will stick with Kingdoms SS.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    This demo is amazing. The units are just perfect in my opinion, music is very immersive. I believe I can say that WotW is a piece of art, and it's just the begginning . Keep the good work up !

    +Rep all of you.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    Thanks a lot, It's great suprise!
    Now I can do tests on my own

    Generally mod is very good, some advantages:
    -menu and loading screens
    -accurate and beautiful units (one question: was Telderons de Brameam majority of Scottish forces in battle of Bannockburn?)
    -few new animations(I like this with overturning enemies by pikes)
    -schiltrom ability for pikemen (how?)
    -frighten foot for knights
    -well armoured units in tight formation are able to repulse charge
    -archers and warriors with javelins have bonus against cavalry
    -weaker units have looser formation
    -very low morale for weaker units
    -there are falchions!

    Of course I earnestly was looking for some disadventages and I found some (but It wasn't easy task )
    -I think that schiltrom pikemen are too vulnerable to cavalry charge. Even unit of mounted sergeants can kill more than 40% of unit with one charge!
    If you don't change It player will not try to outflank enemy (in case of squere formation of pikemen) or weaken them with arrows but simply charge the centre of enemie's lines (or circles) and still win!
    Remember that in battle of Falkirk English cavalry was really helpless until archers weaken schiltroms.
    Knights have frighten foot so maybe charge value is still too high?
    Or the best solution will be (but I don't know how to do It and I'm not sure If it is possible without unbalancing of another factors) If cavalry's casualties were higher during moment of charge against schiltrom - player may charge schiltrom and inflict high casualties or even break morale and schiltrom but his/her own cavalry will suffer high losses so decision will not be such simple as now...
    Schiltroms are also too small but I know that units can't be larger than 100 in case of normal and 250 of huge size. Only idea I have is to reduce almost all units (except schiltrom pikemen) 2,5 times and play with huge settings... What do you think?

    And remember, I'm critical but I also think that this mod is really wonderful

    PS: statistics after battles:
    -against 2 schiltrom pikemen and 2 berdiche militia -459 men, I've got one unit of late English knights-39 man. I've lost only 4 man
    -against 4 schiltrom pikemen-509 man-It was a bit more difficult, I've lost 10 man.
    In both cases I do no refined maneuvers (It is difficult with one unit )-only simple, frontal charges!
    In both cases I've been fighting about anticavalry units.
    Just imagine how quickly Scottish schiltroms would be destroyed in Falkirik battle If heavy cavalry were such superior to pikemen-with certainty English/Welsh longbowmen couldn't demonstrate their skills...
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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    congratulations mod team.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    Looking good guys.

    Can't wait to play it.


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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    I will certainly give this a try in the next few days!

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    Awesome guys. Downloading!

    Westeros: Total War Unit-Maker
    Check out our previews here!

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    Great! I'm going to test it whenever I'll have the time. Too bad I'm pretty much outta rep bullets at the moment...

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    oh yes.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    Simply amazing, the textures of the striking units, using ENB series are better, etc music. Congratulations.
    a big hello from Mexico. " indeed extract the sound to use on my stainless steel, I was surprised that you will use will use music robbin hood :p"
    I leave to take a picture of the game using enb series.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    Excellent work WOTW team! This is pure brilliance!

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo


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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    Awesome! *o*

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    wonderfull work guys, i liked from the start the militiamen,very good work,all the detail and quality of textures....+ rep to all (itīs a team so,all must have rep ).Just one thing to say...can the militiamen be more fast in their strokes?i think it would be better donīt you think.Canīt wait to play it full
    Homo Homini Lupus

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] Brittanica Custom Battle Demo

    That's great news, well done to the team! I didn't have enough time to download it yet, but will certainly give it a try in the next days.
    "Pompeius, after having finished the war against Mithridates, when he went to call at the house of Poseidonios, the famous teacher of philosophy, forbade the lictor to knock at the door, as was the usual custom, and he, to whom both the eastern and the western world had yielded submission, ordered the fasces to be lowered before the door of science."

    Pliny the Elder, Naturalis Historia, 7, 112

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