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    I would need someone to confirm an asumption: from my understanding, default personnality is used even for factions not using the default personnality (or "special ability"); in fact, continental_progessive and others only affect which branch of the research tree are favored (except for pirates, which explains why pirates and barbary states have very specific behaviours (they both have the same personnality)). Any other AI behaviour not covered by the "special ability", uses the "default" parameters.

    For Full/maintenance stategy, there is no such default table, and maintenance lacks some parameters when compared to full, which might be part of what makes minor quite passive.

    Some "personnalities" coded look to need a defined number when summed up; I mean, in campaign_ai_personnality_junction_tables for exemple, basic_construction_bias seem to represent the % allocated to each branch, so the sum of basic_construction_bias_economic, education, prestige, military and hapiness must be equal to 1. I sometimes wonder if some other "branches" need to sum up to other specific values; could be 1000 with some high "magnitude" values. Any info on this would be very helpful.

    I have only found this topic to use as reference, though I'm still not at the point of trying to understand each and every entries, and does not cover other questions about CAI.

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    Quite late to reply, but after some tinkering with CAI files i can confirm it works exactly as you described. Special personality just updates default values, so if nothing is specified, default value is used. So, it is actually a good idea to define certain items specifically for certain factions - for example this way i managed to eliminate Maratha naval invasions to different theaters - just by assigning unique values to appropriate personality stats. Theoretically, you can just take Default definition, close it several times and rename it for special definitions - this way you can have unique values for each personality..

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    Default Re: About CAI personnalities

    JaM - you mentioned that you managed to eliminate Maratha naval invasions to different theaters. Do you (or anyone) know if it would be possible to reverse that process, as a way to encourage other factions to behave more like the Marathans, including more cross-theatre naval invasions? Could you (or anyone) be more specific about the values that would need to be given to personality stats of other factions (and where these states are in the game's pack files)?

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