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Thread: Rome 2 and mods

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    Default Rome 2 and mods

    Given the worrying trend moddability has been following in the more recent TW games, does anyone else fear that R2TW will be pretty much hard-coded Hollywood-style nonsense?

    I'd like to think that given the huuuge RTW modding community (it seems to be larger and more persistent than any other TW games) CA would allow us to do as we please qith the game, although the cynical part of me can't help but think R2TW will be just like RTW with better graphics and no way to address the 1500BC Egyptians and incendiary pigs.

    What does everyone else think about modding this game?

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    Default Re: Rome 2 and mods

    Well, my opinion is that we should wait after the official gameplay preview is out and after the modding summit guys will know what CA's true opinion towards modding is.
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    Default Re: Rome 2 and mods

    I'm confident it will be a little more open than previous games. The release of the battlemap editor and the upcoming modding summit, in the context of the great success Steam Workshop and mods like Day Z are achieving, give me reason to believe CA will try harder to make the game a bit easier to mod this time. At least, so I hope.
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    Default Re: Rome 2 and mods

    if it isnt moddable, i wont buy it. its as simple as that.

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    Default Re: Rome 2 and mods

    I have no expectations for them to come through. If CA put out developer tools of the quality that Valve does for its games, that combined with the simple text file-based nature of the game would make it one of the most easy-to-mod games on the planet. More available faction slots, province slots, unit slots, easier editing and map generation.... It is all quite doable.

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    Default Re: Rome 2 and mods

    (if it isnt moddable, i wont buy it. its as simple as that.), Wow, really? you do know if they didnt make the games to begin with you would have never enjoyed mods such as EB. Personally I agree the mods have always been better then the vanilla game, but if it wasnt for the vanilla versions none of these mods would have ever been made, So I will shell out money for rome2, gladly, even if it turns out to be crap, doesnt matter, I like the company and the games they have put out, yes i agree the mods definetally made the game much more enjoyable, but even the vanilla versions had their fun moments. Yes the flaming pigs and stuff were silly, but amusing at the same time. Normally i never post but over and over ive read people condemning creative assembly and rome 2, they do have a forum where they are asking people what they want to see in the game, suggestions and stuff, go tell em, maybe they will do it. Also they just barely announced it, none of us know what they have in store yet, why not wait til more information is available?

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    Default Re: Rome 2 and mods

    I am afraid general discussion on the subject of Rome 2 is a bit too off topic for this one, particularly since there is already another forum for that purpose.
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