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Thread: RR/RC for Broken Crescent - RELEASED

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    Default Re: RR/RC for Broken Crescent

    Well, well. I guess I did miss that. Thanks for checking that for me. I put that file in and the game starts now but, I'm still getting that crazy huge error log the new log has over 100,000 lines to it. any thoughts? I wont be able to test it out till later today to see if it works for me 100%. I reinstalled M2TW and then BC but again as soon as I alter the edu or BMDB that huge log comes back. I delete the modded files, then put my backups back in. the errors go away. At least the game starts now, but not sure how stable it would be with all those errors. Man, I really wanna get this thing working, it's really frustrating.
    If anyone else is reading this besides k\t just so you know the problems I'm having are not due to the files in this thread, they are just fine. I'm having a problems with modding my BC in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k/t View Post
    I have added them in my EDB, however, I have overhauled it greatly, and it will not be compatible with your game. I uploaded an earlier version of my EDB in another thread. See if it works for you, as it has the missing Kypchak units added. Here:

    It's in the last post.

    There might be some units still missing, however. Some of the mercenaries were mislabeled or confused with similar AOR units and they don't appear. I fixed all of that in my files, but I don't know if they are fixed in that particular version of the EDB. I went through the EDU unit by unit and I made sure they are all included.

    "I know it was a lot of work putting this all together"

    You have no idea. And the amount of work I still have to do is hair-raising, especially fiddling with the animations in the bmdb. But your support is good for morale. I was starting to feel discouraged, since only one person dropped by and I have to learn to use Geomod now as well as master bmdb modifications. And this forum change made me lose a lot of interest in coming here, haha. The old forum was like a nicely appointed living room with soft lighting and thick carpets and plush couches and wooden accents, and the new one is like a hospital, sterile and harsh, lit by horrible fluorescent bulbs.

    Anyway, I'm feeling better now that the colour changed and you dropped by and I got to vent.

    I removed castles altogether, so the submod has only cities. I intend to add more stone forts in the future, and use the Teutonic forts for the battle map. I made a ton of gameplay tweaks and adjustments in order to increase realism, which brings me to:

    If you want, I can upload the files I have right now, as the game works fine and I can start a new campaign, but I am almost certain I wrote some of the hidden_resources wrong. The good news is that all required changes will involve the EDB, and thus they will be save-compatible, which means that as you report problems, I will fix them and post a new EDB for you to continue your campaign with. If you people try a campaign or two, you'll be helping me uncover the problems faster, as well as suggesting balance improvements.

    So, anyone up for play-testing?
    I'm subscribed to the thread actually, I just didn't feel like I could offer anything if I posted.

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    Hey k/t, I've been using your EDU for some time now, though I haven't updated to the latest version. I find it a definite improvement and I'm very grateful for your efforts in this direction

    So far the only thing I wasn't satisfied with were the latin longbowmen having vanilla models and no unit picture ^^ (I borrowed the templar longbowmen from SS to solve that on my end).

    I will give the current version a try, is there a specific faction you'd like to be tested? Maybe Kypchaks due to the added units?

    "To achieve everything that is possible, we must try to do the impossible." (H. Hesse)

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    Is there a way to remove RR for Submod? Could use more unit varities btw, sometimes is really hard to move your native units half way across the map. I do like RC part no more RS type epic battles from today till next tuesday=)

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    "Is there a way to remove RR for Submod?"

    If you're talking about being able to recruit certain units only in certain areas, that's not my doing. It's the AOR system of BC, and I fully agree with it.

    If you want to be able to recruit any unit anywhere, remove the "and hidden_resource recruit_faction" and "and hidden_resource cbr_faction" parts from every unit in the EDB.

    I'll try to upload all the files tonight. I won't upload the building pictures unless I absolutely must. I think the game will work without them, since a default picture is used. It's the text entries that are crucial, and I've got those.

    "as soon as I alter the edu or BMDB that huge log comes back."

    But the game still works?

    Here are some links that may be of help:

    If you continue to have trouble, the Mod Workshop can assist you more than I can.
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    Thanks for all your help, I'll be back when I've resolved the issue.

    edit: OK, so I randomly saw in another thread that if you don't change in the .cfg file level = * trace to level = * error you can sometimes get huge error logs. pretty weird how I stumbled upon that post. So I changed it and waddaya know no more huge error log. I did get these though.
    19:38:25.006 [script.err] [error] Script Error in mods/Broken_Crescent_kingdoms/data/export_descr_buildings.txt, at line 471, column 297
    unit(rajput noble cavalry archer) does not match up to the ownership for faction(aztecs)
    19:39:21.520 [script.err] [error] Script Error in mods/Broken_Crescent_kingdoms/data/descr_walls.txt, at line 107, column 31
    stat_pri statistic refers to non-existant projectile type 'arrow'

    I fixed the ownerships in the edb for the rajput cavalry but I don't know how to fix the arrow error, any ideas? last one, almost there.

    edit:Sorry, never mind, fixed.
    Thanks k/t
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    Default Re: RR/RC for Broken Crescent

    2 errors I get in the log:

    Script Error in mods/broken_crescent_kingdoms/data/world/maps/base/descr_regions.txt, at line 897, column 1
    couldn't find rebel faction(0 127 111), going to set it to (gladiator_uprising)
    21:50:55.449 [script.err] [error] Script Error in mods/broken_crescent_kingdoms/data/world/maps/base/descr_regions.txt, at line 899, column 1
    Unrecognised: '5' as a region resource class (or hidden resource)

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    Default Re: RR/RC for Broken Crescent

    Lhasa_Region - line 894
    Lhasa - line 895
    sicily - line 896
    Crusader_Rebels - line 897
    0 127 111 - line 898
    n, o, india, itrade - line 899
    5 - line 900
    1 - line 901

    This is what my descr_regions looks like.

    I didn't change anything except the hidden_resources, so I have no clue about this error. Does the game start?

    Also, I didn't even post a descr_regions. Whatever is happening is caused by the Vanilla files.

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    Default Re: RR/RC for Broken Crescent

    I've been trying out your changes, so far I think everything stats and price wise looks great, huge improvement. I wasn't sure though about the KOJ knights low cost and upkeep, but probably has to do with the fact that replenish and pools aren't done yet, right? Im also curious about the equation your using for the upkeep prices, what fl, q, eq, stand for, I remember seeing it somewhere before. Thanks again.

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    Florins, quality, equipment repair and replacement. You must have seen the equations in the first link in my signature. I've used a more developed version of that system to calculate the prices, and I already have some things in mind for version 2. Well, 3.

    Yes, the costs for the feudal units are strange because they should be used in conjunction with the new feudal buildings which have a high penalty to income to represent the estates granted to nobles. The nobles equip themselves, which is why they cost very little to recruit, and they have free_upkeep_unit because the king doesn't pay them while they're resting at home.

    I've fixed the mercenaries file and tidied up the EDU some more. I'll upload the files tomorrow for sure.

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    Default Re: RR/RC for Broken Crescent - RELEASED

    Updated first post.

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    Default Re: RR/RC for Broken Crescent - RELEASED

    Reinstalled 2.3.2 then the submod and I'm good. I think I had another submod installed and some personal specs.

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    Default Re: RR/RC for Broken Crescent - RELEASED

    will you adjust unit spacing, it visually looks terrible soldiers have 2 meter from eachoter.

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    Default Re: RR/RC for Broken Crescent - RELEASED

    For some units, yeah. Eventually. Especially some of the missile units.

    I've found some mistakes (naturally), so I'll release some updated files soon. It's nothing major. The game runs fine.

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    Default Re: RR/RC for Broken Crescent - RELEASED

    Playing 2.3.2. with your submod. Installation went smooth, no problems. I can't create any units through the ghulam barracks playing as Khwarezmshahs in my starting provinces & Merv. Looked through the building scroll list, no units are listed.

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    Just had a look at the EDB. The Khwarezmians need the second level to start recruiting ghulams, since they don't get the Superior ones like most of the rest of the Islamic factions.

    I'll have to think of a way to address that.

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    Default Re: RR/RC for Broken Crescent - RELEASED

    Yeah it becomes problematic. For Merv, the most developed city, it takes 18 turns before I can recruit units..(3 buildings with 5,5,8 turns build time)

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    Default Re: RR/RC for Broken Crescent - RELEASED

    Game crashes at start up

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    Default Re: RR/RC for Broken Crescent - RELEASED

    Loaded this sub-mod to try it out. No crashes and custom battles work fine. But in campaigns, I have started up Georgia and the Byzantines and both have no units I can cue up to recruit. I can recruit agents, but no military units. Am I missing something or did I install the sub-mod incorrectly?

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