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Thread: Hegemony rise of hellas is recruiting

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    Default Hegemony rise of hellas is recruiting

    Greetings,the Hegemony : Rise of Hellas team needs an assistaint mapper to do the map climates and ground types if some one would be kind enough to help us out the team will be thankfull for your services. from the Hegemony ROH team the members of this project are

    Pharoh - mod leader/mapper
    Tenzin "The Nationalist" - mod comunications manager

    Progress so far:

    Also,pharao is communicating with me via steam to post all this stuff since he got banned
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    Default Re: Hegemony rise of hellas is recruiting

    What time period? would be the big question here because that would nail down your factions and units and such. A bit more info and you might get some interest from some members.

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    Default Re: Hegemony rise of hellas is recruiting

    You have left half of Hellas out from your map. Can you also include Macedonia , Hepirus and Thrace?

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