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Thread: With Fire and Sword : Towards Caribbean!

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    Default Re: With Fire and Sword : Towards Caribbean!

    I absolutely love Taleworlds and this interview shows why

    The main problem with boarding synchronization is when there are more than two players fighting.
    Actually admitting there is a problem
    Yes,sure. We strictly follow the “fun before realism” principle that was formulated by Sid Meier back in the days. Not quire sure if it was exactly him but surely one of the most respectable people in the industry who can be referred to for explaining why full plate armored men can be in the game about the pirate era. Why? Because it’s cool, that’s why! J
    Explaining why they do certain things instead of claiming to do everything and then doing nothing like CA

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    Default Re: With Fire and Sword : Towards Caribbean!

    They've begun inviting people to beta test.
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