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    So I'm rockin' the Rohan campaign and for the first time I get Fanghorn and allow it autonomy. Eventually the Ents offer their services, and I start them from Fanghorn towards Mordor (where I’m currently fighting). They are immediately ambushed by a decent size stack (over 1000) from the Misty Mountain Orcs, with Trolls. A retreat is no avail. So I figure they’re toast.


    The trolls charge and get totally whacked. As in, all dead before the main force can arrive. The Ents proceed to kill everyone they can lay a branch on with a loss of 8 (out of 20).

    I. Had. No. Idea.


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    Yes, good for you glad to hear. And?

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    Default Re: Ents - Holy. Moly.

    Yes, Ents are awesome. But, I'm not sure if we need a thread just for that. If you'd like to update your post and add something for the community to discuss send me a PM. Until then...


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